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There are spoilers in this review. But it was forever ago. I’m late. Duh.



Guys. I seriously just want to keysmash right now. I was keysmashing all day yesterday when I was excited the movie was coming. Now after it’s over I want to keysmash with even more enthusiasm because OH MY GOODNESS HOW COULD IT BE THAT GOOD. I don’t even know how. I love Whedon, I know he’s incredible at ensemble casts, but HOW DID THEY DO THIS? It should be impossible. It should be … okay I’ll talk about this below. I loved this movie and I have so much to say about it. There will be spoilers below, sorry. I’ll try my best not to give every scene away, but there are just so many things to be said and I can’t write about it without going AND THIS HAPPENED AND THIS HAPPENED AND IT WAS EPIC. Sorry for the caps. I’m going to fangirl. And anyone reading this will just have to accept it. This is going to be long, so anyone who makes it to the end, well done. Let’s talk about The Avengers.