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This is one of those Christmas movies we both completely agree on, and because of that we decided to look at it together and talk about what makes the Nightmare Before Christmas such a fantastic holiday movie.



Jachelle mentioned in her post how I generally despise Christmas and everything Christmas related. I do too, most of the time. I dislike Christmas specials. I feel they’re generally disingenuous, especially since we know these big corporations just want to make a buck so they’re going to play on other people’s genuine feelings in order to get what they want. It’s not Christmas fans themselves I have a problem with, it’s the Media and how they overplay their hand in really obnoxious, predictable ways. I hear the Christmas music in stores and cringe. The decorations make me want to stab a reindeer. The television specials don’t even get me started on, but movies specifically drive me crazy. They’re already so obnoxious and Hollywood-ized to start with, but ones specifically geared at Christmas get about 10x worse. Oh how cutesy. Oh how annoying. So yeah, I’m not a fan of Christmas media. It should be noted that I think it’s nice Jachelle and other people enjoy Christmas because they see it as a warm time with their family and a spirit of goodness and blah blah whatever. I don’t like commercial Christmas. But I figured I could put up a few movies on here that I don’t actually mind during the Christmas season.


Jachelle Discusses: Mixed Nuts

Posted: December 16, 2011 by Jachelle in Holiday, Jach, Movies

For as many things as Dee and I have in common, we have just as many that we disagree on. One of the most timely of these topics is Christmas. The very thought of a holiday special makes Dee cringe, while I break out my Santa hat. I love the holidays, always have. So while she’s Bah Humbug-ing her way through the season, I’m going to review some of my favorite holiday flicks. Starting with my favorite Holiday movie, Mixed Nuts.