About Dee

My name is Dee and I’ve been writing about television, movies, video games, and all sorts of other topics for ten years. I am a published online journalist who switched over to community managing for newspapers, and I’m currently running the social networking for a college. I really missed the outlet I needed for my creative journalism. I decided to restart a blog so I can chatter on about current media subjects. I’ll be writing recaps, reviews, general thoughts, news that I see, and anything else that floats my boat. I ramble a lot and I apologize for that. I also type 115 wpm so I can write long articles in a very short amount of time. Do not be surprised if I’m quiet for awhile and then randomly publish 20 articles in a row.

General facts about me: I’m 31, I own three cats, I watch more television than should be humanly possible, I grew up in a comic book store, I’m a hardcore nerd and love video games, I used to go to Comic Con every single year, I have LARPed, I online roleplay, I LOVE being a geek, I read constantly, I have a lot of opinions on media, I’m a social networking fiend, I love tumblr (waftingcurtains) and twitter (chelseadmorning), and I am happy to talk about basically anything that comes to mind. Also, I would shoot my friend in the leg during a zombie attack in order to survive. I hate Christmas specials. I dislike politics although I know a fair amount about it. I majored in Shakespearean Literature. I hate Twilight. I am a fangirl of Batman. I am OCD and like to be organized and obsess over details. It’s a quirk my friends try to forgive me. The one thing I can say about all of the above is that I’m passionate. I’m passionate about the things I love and the things I hate, so I can swing from fangirl squealing to scathing hatred depending on what I’m talking about. I do have a talent for nitpicking things to death and/or getting on a soap box. I’ll always warn first.

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