About Jachelle

I’m Jachelle, and I have never written about television, movies, video games, etc. I do, however, talk about them at length. Usually to the point where people stop listening to me. Seriously. It’s kind of pathetic. Thankfully, Dee is just as bad as I am. So a review blog seemed the prefect project for us. Honestly, it’s pretty much what we do all the time anyway. Now we’re just sharing it with the rest of you! Hopefully our opinions differ enough to give you a well rounded view of the topics we’re going to cover. And with any luck we might just help you find some great new media to enjoy.

I’m a 26 year old currently living in Las Vegas. I have a purple couch and a hot pink Buddah statue on my coffee table. I like to think I have a unique humor and perspective on the world. I grew up in Utah where I didn’t always fit in with the “norm.” And that was perfectly okay with me. I spent my time indulging in books, television, movies, and computers. These things are my passion in life and they’re what get me excited. Some people get revved up talking about football plays, I get excited discussing character development on my favorite television shows. I graduated with a degree in Journalism and the Fine Arts and I’m looking to weasel my way into the field. I love new media, particularly blogging and podcasting. (Check out the Leverage podcast Dee and I host at Long Con Podcast.)

I love to write. I often get choked up during commercials and movie trailers. I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan. My iPod has everything from Country to Celtic to Broadway to Classic Rock. My guilty pleasure is teen fiction novels and animated movies. I organize my movie collection by genre. And I love playing video games, even though I’m terrible at them. If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, I’m staying the hell away from Dee, because she’d shoot me in the leg to save herself. I collect giant coffee mugs, even though I hate coffee. (Tea all the way, baby!) My favorite color is purple and I love nature and the outdoors. Enjoy the blog!

  1. So Dee is a female Shane?


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