There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am late on things again so shhhhh you see nothing. No one sees anything. This was a great episode of The Flash. I am very happy to note that they did not go the expected route with Harrison Wells, or HR, and instead found his reveal amusing. Although the smarter business partner he mentioned, we MIGHT WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT? Just saying. Or we will hear more about later, I feel like that’s a deliberate hint. I miss Harry all the same. Previously on The Flash, Caitlin realized she had Killer Frost powers. She’s terrified. Harry might have figured it out before he and Jesse went back home. Barry causing Flashpoint also gives him a work partner named Julian who hates him. He and Iris are dating now. Uhhhh I can’t think of anything else important so there we go. There’s a bad guy we don’t know much about yet.

So first up is Caitlin. She leaves the group to go see her mother, a very cold but brilliant woman who knows she wasn’t really around for Caitlin. She’s all analytical and scientific, and you can really see how Caitlin ended up where she’s at, and surrounded by people who are brilliant. But at least her friends love her! She shows her powers to her mother, who then tries to understand the science behind what she does. The powers are new, no doubt because of Flashpoint. Her mother’s sidekick seems nice at first, but he plans on using her powers for his own gain, and Caitlin comes pretty close to murdering him. Yikes. She’s rightfully terrified of becoming Killer Frost at this point. Her mother warns her that the more she uses her powers, the worse it will be for her. So you can almost see why this is unraveling and what happened to the original Killer Frost.


Meanwhile there’s this odd invisible monster. Not invisible, but rather they can’t seem to fight it, and it disappears out of no where. Julian reveals some of his inner turmoil about how he hates metas, especially those who don’t use their powers to do the best. He and Barry kind of connect. Barry being a meta, he starts to get Julian’s helplessness at least a bit, and that the guy isn’t unpleasant 24/7. Just … intense. And frustrated. They realize that it’s a little kid who caused this, who was trying to find power because he felt powerless. Julian comes close to killing him, thinking he was a real bad guy, but Barry/Flash got in the way just in time. The monster was an illusion. Julian’s shaken by nearly killing the kid, and he warms up to Barry. A little. And the Flash. A little. Also Barry has already seemed to move out of Joe’s place and he is crashing with Cisco now instead. You might want to stop couch surfing.

The fun part of this was that HR is revealed to be a fake! Not a bad guy, just not a science genius. He’s a writer instead and the face of his company, but he’s not brilliant at all. Instead his mysterious partner gave him the answer to come to this Earth. So he’s not evil, he’s just a grifter looking for a good story. He begs them to let him attempt to do better, and they decide to give him a shot. I love Tom, he’s such a great actor. I hope that HR is only a brief character though, I want Harry back! But they did go somewhere I didn’t expect with HR which made me smile, so good on them. This was kind of a filler episode, but it was a nice one, and I like when Flash has some good character beats even if the general story isn’t that important.

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