Dee Discusses: Arrow 5×05

Posted: November 16, 2016 by Dee in Arrow, Comics, DC, Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

So. You’re just going to throw Human Target in this show and literally not explain a single thing about it and then have him leave, huh? At least Constantine had some build up, guys. This was so weird. I know that Human Target was a TV show that failed, but … that was years ago. It seems like such an odd thing to add on this show. I’m not saying he did a bad job, but … anyway. The rest of the episode was really great. Previously on Arrow, Rene got kidnapped by Church, and that’s bad because he knows who Oliver and everyone else is. Oliver was gone helping Diggle so he missed this, and Curtis was injured too. Rory decided to return to the team regardless of Felicity’s unfortunate choice to destroy his town. Artemis still is not given enough to do. Felicity’s started dating someone new. I can’t think of anything else.

So Rene is saved by Oliver just before he’s killed, good, but Church did figure out from his torture who Oliver is. Ollie, to his credit, is not at all angry with Rene. Keep in mind that Oliver understands torture very well, and he has sympathy rather than anger about it. Rene’s the one blaming himself for it, which I also get. He and Diggle connect, and Diggle helps him work out his thoughts on it and remember a few things about his capture. Oliver has to fake dead by the Human Target taking his place. He also gets hit on by that reporter, convinces her to cut him a break so he can get real change, and finds out about Felicity’s boyfriend. Well, the Human Target does. He only finds out about that through the other man. He talks to Felicity about it and says he’s hurt she’s hidden it from him, and she should go for it and not let anything hold her back. I think this is the death of Olicity, which of course breaks my heart, but I will say I very much appreciate that they are handling this break up so maturely. And prove that they can still work with each other and it’s not being used as an extra dramatic turn the same way other shows might. Bravo to that.


So Church is killed by Prometheus because he went after the Arrow, but not before he tells Prometheus who Oliver is. I don’t think it’ll matter. Oliver continues to try to play Mayor and help the city that way, but I’m not so sure that storyline is going to continue much longer. I like him being Mayor, but it can’t last with him doing both, it’s going to start seeming silly. Either way, this was an okay episode? The Rene stuff was all excellent, there were little beats I appreciated, but I honestly can’t even type more things about this episode. That’s how kind of *kanye shrug* it was. The only thing in the flashback that I remember is the Bratva didn’t all like him, and the reporter woman finds out that Oliver wasn’t on the island for all five years.

Okay done now.

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