There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Guess what???? One of the most popular conspiracy theories of this show just got confirmed, thus making most of us who already guessed it start side eying our other guesses. I had already mentioned in these reviews that I was pretty sure Bernard was a host, and lo and behold. But the thing is, this wasn’t the kind of theory that seemed too obvious. They did an excellent job of building up to this point so the audience could get there on their own, but without feeling like you needed to be hit over the head with it. I thought we’d get a reveal like this in the finale, not in the 7th episode, so I feel like the finale is going to shock us more. Maybe with William being the Man in Black? Just saying. Previously on Westworld, William and Dolores ran off with Lawrence for a high level quest trying to figure out that map Arnold made everyone’s obsessed with. Bernard and Theresa broke up, and there’s this new woman Charlotte from the board who seems cold as ice. Ford’s still being creepy af and has his own narrative and story going on that no one else is a part of. Maeve has woken up and she is making a better life for herself. Last time she made them up her intelligence all the way so she seems pretty aware permanetly now.

Elsie still hasn’t been found! I feel like since they showed death for real in this, the fact we haven’t seen her yet means she could be alive. I hope so, because HBO isn’t going to help its reputation by having more sexual assault and women being fridged, just saying. Bernard is fired by Charlotte, who partners with Theresa. Charlotte says that they are there and the park is a social experiment, what the board/money wants is far different from what Ford wants. Or so they think. I’m sure there’s deeper meaning to what they’re getting out of the park. They pretend to have Clementine react as if she’s seeing a real guest and murders him, but it’s all false. They just think this proves that Ford had a dangerous update, which could be right, but it’s also not currently true. Bernard points out that it was faked, and he convinces Theresa to go see Ford’s creepy family house. And to reveal some of his secrets. Instead they find a secret compartment “what door?” and it is revealed that Bernard is a host under Ford’s control. He is ordered to murder Theresa as a blood sacrifice. At the same time it looks like a new host is being made … does he plan on making a Theresa host? I don’t think so, since the actress was only supposed to be in  a few episodes, but how is he going to explain what happened to her? Maybe the board won’t care. Alas, poor Theresa, dying at the hands of someone she loved. Alas, poor Bernard, not real at all. I’m sure this will come to bite Ford in the ass eventually.


William and Dolores continue on their adventure and finally hook up. He admits he has a fiance, but sleeps with her anyway, and seems to have a revelation that the park shows someone who they really are. Not the worst about humanity like he thought before. Dolores is like I just want to be normal and be free, dude, I’m not going as deep as you saying this is how life should be and such. His plummet toward the Man in Black continues, I’m just saying. Since MiB seems pretty obsessed with this fictional world being the real world. Meanwhile Maeve sees Clementine be decommissioned because of their mean lies about her, and she’s pissed off. She tells Felix and what’s his face that she’s sick of this and wants to be freed. They’re like uhhhhh this could be very bad for us. A suicide mission. And she’s like lol, I’ve died a bunch, and I’ll kill you if you don’t. I mean I love Maeve, guys, but you could easily kill her or shut her down permanently. You don’t really need to let her control you. I’m not sure what’s stopping them after her threats, when she keeps being put into the park. Because she’s just that awesome? Or maybe they WANT to help her on some level.

This show is so good. I say that every week and every week it’s true. Them revealing a popular theory was a smart move. Evan Rachel Wood said that the cast while shooting used to text each other conspiracy theories for fun about what was happening on the show. The guy playing Bernard, Jeffrey, was told early on about this twist so he could play things a certain way. I still think the big twist they’re waiting on is the Man in Black/William reveal. Of course we still have what happened to Elsie, is Arnold alive/around, what’s Ford’s big plans, etc. And this is only the first season. It should be noted that season two has not been renewed, which is weird to me as the show seems to be very successful. Maybe it’s very costly though. There are a lot of actors. Maybe they’ll kill Ford/Anthony Hopkins at the end of the season partly to cut his no doubt substantial salary. I’m just saying. Wait does this mean Clementine is gone for good too? She was decommissioned! I WANT NEXT WEEK NOW GDI.

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