Dee Discusses: Supergirl 2×05

Posted: November 11, 2016 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Supergirl, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I still miss Cat Grant. I feel like I have to say this every episode. The thing is, even if Calista left becuase they didn’t have enough money or whatever, it probably was best for Cat to leave. Because this season is more about Kara coming into her own and not leaning on her mentor for a crutch. She’s become less about other people guiding her, and more about guiding herself, and that’s important. But I miss Cat! And they did reveal that Alex is officially the CW character who will be exploring her sexuality. Awesome. We did see this coming but it was still a nice thing.┬áPreviously on Supergirl, the boy in the Krypton pod turned out to be Mon-El, a Draxan rather than Kryptonian. At first Kara didn’t like him, but she agreed to be more open minded and took him into her custody. The President (apparently an alien) passed law protecting aliens, encouraging them to come out of the closet. It’s been a hard process. Cadmus is around and messing with everyone, although fear mongering top of all. James is now the Cat. Alex met police detective Maggie who is adorable and she’s lik oh no she’s hot.

So this episode was about Cadmus playing on human fear in a smart way. There’s a bank robbery that Kara tries to stop, but they suddenly have some pretty epic weapons that kicks her ass. It turns out that they’re handing out alien tech weapons so that humans feel better protected. But they’re also using it for bad things. Yikes. Very smart move though, and fairly apt with what we’re seeing re: fear mongering in the world. Kara manages to stop the humans with the weapons, and when they’re taken away by the police, the Cadmus lady causes them all to die. Maggie’s like ??????????, it’s gruesome. We find out the Cadmus lady is Lillian Luthor, mother of Lex and Lena. Lena played a part in this episode convincing Kara AND Supergirl to attend an event, knowing it was probably going to be attacked. She and Winn shared a moment as they tried to deal with something malfunctioning, but I don’t think that’s leading to a romance or anything. Frankly, she seems more interested in Kara. I don’t think that’s my shipping goggles, I’m wondering if Katie is playing that on purpose, she does kind of have heart eyes for Kara.


James this episode is sick of being a normal sidekick or person, so he tries to use weapons and such to fight and save people. Winn agrees to help him, reluctantly. I like ┬áJimmy, but I’ll be honest, I find his storyline as the new Cat more interesting than this one. Although I totally get him being tired of always needing to be saved by the Superfamily. Speaking of Superfamily stuff, Mon-El tries to pretend to be human and Kara makes him look like her and Clark. He is terrible at work and starts to sleep with a coworker. Alex points out to her that she’s trying to make Mon-El into her, but Mon-El is his own person and she has to let him be himself. So he’s fired from Catco, but we’ll see where he ends up next. Alex is coming to some realizations herself as she keeps being drawn to Maggie. She tries to cheer her up after her relationship ends, and Maggie suspects she’s flirting. It takes Alex until the end of the episode to admit that she’s never felt comfortable with men, but didn’t think it was that she was gay. She’s starting to think about it, but that’s it, she just communicates and leaves. I like they’re doing a slow burn. It makes more sense that Alex needs to be comfortable with herself before jumping right into this. Plus they’re adorable and I am looking forward to seeing where they go next.

So overall this was a great episode! I enjoyed watching it. I like the continuation of the aliens being public now story, and learning more about the Luthors and Cadmus. I actually am very fond of Mon-El, he’s sort of a meat head but he’s a likable one. I don’t know where they plan on taking his character or story, but he’s cute, I’m fond of him so far. I know he’s a character in the DC Universe that I don’t know well, but he’s had a lot of stories so it’s hard to say which one they plan on going with here. Since they don’t have a Legion of Superheroes here, I don’t think he’ll join that, but maybe he will do the Phantom Zone story. Keeping that vague as I don’t want to potentially spoil. I think they’re making much better use of Winn this season, now that he’s full time at the DEO, and I’ve liked him the entire season so far. This show is so great, how does it not have more followers????

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