There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

THIS SHOW. Ahhhhhh. The theories just keep burning inside of me. I have so many thoughts. Maeve got to take center stage this episode, and it was completely worth it. She’s definitely a fan favorite, and I happen to like how Dolores and Maeve are basically the hosts we get to see the most of and see them change and awaken. Maeve is a master manipulator and she is far more intelligent than her 14 status would say. Previously on Westworld, Maeve woke up and said hello to Felix, who had been trying to learn some coding. Dolores and William are off running around somewhere looking for the maze, but they’re not in this episode. Man in Black killed Lawrence and took Teddy with him to find this new bad guy Wyatt. Ford is working on some mysterious project. British writer Lee tried to come up with a new storyline and Ford was like lol. We still don’t know what happened to Ford’s partner Arnold. Elsie, who is awesome, figured out someone might be getting information out of the park and it could explain why some of the hosts are acting out.

The highlight of this episode is obviously Maeve. She’s now intentionally inspiring people to kill her so she can choose to wake up while on the table. Wild! She and Felix talk and he explains who she is, and shows her the programming in her head. It’s all very intense. Actually in the middle of it she short circuits, and he panics. She comes back once she apparently deals with it. She wants a tour of the building, so he takes her around, and she sees where the hosts are made and the reality of her identity. His pal Sylvester comes in and is like ????? but Maeve threatens him until he agrees to help. They’re going to led her modify her personality to her liking. They tell her that the memories she had of that child are real, she’s only been the brothel leader for a year. She asks for them to put her intelligence far beyond the scale of what anyone else has, and to bring down her pain tolerance. She is going to negotiate for herself is she’s stuck in this situation. GO MAEVE. They do make mention she’s been altered before, so we’ll probably get more of that later.


GOOD QUESTION MAEVE. I’m firmly of the belief one or more of the people in the office are hosts. I think this is pretty good set up for that becoming real. Maybe ALL of them are? If you were Ford, wouldn’t you make everyone hosts so you can control them at all times? Just saying.

Man in Black and Teddy are captured by some soldiers after Teddy is recognized. Man in Black’s grumpy about it, but then he’s shocked when Teddy gets set off by some memories and murders ALL OF THEM. Oh my god! It doesn’t seem like Teddy is awakening, but maybe Ford did alter him slightly when he let him go with the dude. That was pretty awesome to watch. Or is Teddy Wyatt? That’d be an interesting twist, just saying. Also Bernard and Theresa break up, she tries to deal with Lee the writer who is getting drunk and being depressed. He pees on their map which is ridiculous and should get him immediately fired. Why the hell is he not fired? Is he that special? I really don’t think so. Screw that guy, he’s a hack. Elsie investigates what’s going on with the weird hosts, and tells Bernard it’s Theresa sending information out. Dum dum duuuuuum.

He’s also disturbed because he saw Ford’s family as these random androids out in the middle of no where. Not hooked up to anything, and they’re the old android models that look like real robots. The little boy we’ve been seeing is in fact little Robert Ford. Arnold made them for him, as a gift originally, but he’s modified his father to be more like the vicious person he I guess was. Ford’s got issues, but we already knew that. Little Robert kills the fake dog, and then admits Arnold told him to do it. Wellllllllll. While Elsie’s trying to learn more, she gets attacked. I hope this is not the end of her, as I love her, and I think it would be a shame to get rid of someone so smart this quickly. Overall this episode was so great. I love this show. So many twists and turns and learning new things. Of course every week I go TELL ME EVERYTHING and get nothing, but it’s such a pleasure to watch. I still think it’s likely William is Man in Black. I’m wondering if there’s a chess match going on between Ford and Arnold behind everything. Seems likely. What will all this intelligence do for Maeve from now on? They keep the intelligence down for some reason, maybe it’s so they can’t kill the hosts or they’re not as self-aware? I GUESS WE SHALL SEE.

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