Dee Discusses: Westworld 1×05

Posted: November 7, 2016 by Dee in Recaps, Television, Uncategorized, Westworld
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am so mad at myself for taking so long to write this, because I LOVED THIS EPISODE. Time got away from me. But serioulsy. This episode is great. I love what they’re doing with Dolores. I love that they’re still messing with our heads. Evan Rachel Wood favorited one of my tweets about Dolores, which was exciting. I have so many theories about Westworld and I have no idea if and when we’re getting answers. I still firmly believe it’s possible William and the Man in Black are the same person, and I’ll get into why I think this episode might have some hints about it later. Previously on Westworld, the hosts are waking up and we’re not sure why yet. Arnold might be responsible, one of the original creators of the park who mysteriously died, and Ford is keeping mum on the issue. Maeve is starting to remember things, Dolores seems legit woken up now, having shot someone and run off only to be found by good guest William and his douchey brother-in-law Logan. Ford is coming up with a new storyline and telling no one about it. He can control everyone with his mind. Also so many other things, you guys. This show has a billion things going on. I love it.

Okay so apparently Dolores was present when Arnold died. We don’t know details outside of that, but Ford is talking to her, and trying to crack into her head. She gives nothing away, but talks to herself once he’s gone saying she told him nothing. WHAT. This has to be Arnold, right? From the dead? Or is he dead? Anyway Dolores is hanging out with William and Logan, after Logan decided to kill the police guy and go off with the criminal instead. They meet Lawrence, a different version of him, not the one the Man in Black has. They agree to steal from some soldiers, and Dolores finally gets a new costume. It goes wrong because it’s Logan and he doesn’t care. William shoots and kills all of them to protect Logan, and probably Dolores too. Later on Logan and William get into an intense conversation where Logan breaks him apart emotionally. This is important as when things get bad, and what they stole is revealed to be nothing, people attack Logan and punch him. He asks William to help him, but he refuses, running off with Dolores. After she straight up shoots the hell out of everyone and saves him. And says the below line which is still amazing and I applauded loudly. They’re off now on a train somewhere looking for the maze. Note: I have no idea what happened to Logan, they shouldn’t be able to kill him. Also note: Logan says that their company wants to buy Westworld or invest in it.


Meanwhile in the other side, Man in Black finds Teddy and realizes he’s the key to finding Wyatt/the new elements of the story. He kills Lawrence and bleeds him, apparently … feeding it to Teddy? So he’ll come alive again. We also see that creepy and very helpful little boy. Teddy and Man in Black are approached at a bar by Ford. Apparently Man in Black saved Westworld at some point from financial ruin and that’s why he can do whatever he wants, and basically live there full time. He knew Arnold well too and wants to find the maze. Ford’s like sure whatever. At one point Man in Black seems to threaten Ford and Teddy grabs his hand, further proof Ford can control all of them and they’re all programmed to protect him. I imagine this is going to always be an important part. So they’re off on their quest again with Ford’s blessing. Another big storyline is that Maeve is woke. Felix, one of the techs who she ran out on before, has been trying to learn host coding. He accidentally seems to wake her up, and she knows him, she’s like we should talk. Being a big badass as she usually is. I love Maeve, I’m so excited to see where this is going.

As always I end this episode going NO DON’T END I HAVE QUESTIONS. I think it’s possible the Man in Black is William. We still have plenty of reason to think that they’re in different timelines, as they’ve interacted with no current staff people or Man in Black themselves. William stepped into Westworld with an older emblem, and it also was apparently a new park at the time. Logan implies that they might be buying it or investing money, and Man in Black says that he saved them from financial ruin, so he could easily have become the CEO of his business or whatever and made it happen. I see a fall coming from William, and they’ve worked so hard to have Man in Black’s name never said. So I think it’s for sure because we know the name and they’re hiding it. I am fascinated by Arnold’s plan here, and also in what Ford is precisely trying to do. I want more from the staff at Westworld because I like them all a ┬álot and we don’t get enough from them. It looks like we might now that Elsie is trying to figure out her rogue host, and Felix is aggressively pushed by Maeve to have a chat. AHHHH i need more.


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