There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

So pretty sure that Alex is indeed the LGBT character we were promised was going to happen on the CW in these shows. They said that the character would have their sexuality explored, and I think that’s what they plan to do. Until she’s met Maggie, she might not have realized her sexuality is not as straight as she thought. Or maybe she’s been aware she’s bi! Who knows! The hints they’re giving is on purpose for sure. I’m also curious about Mon-El and what will be his purpose in the show going forward. His actor’s pretty cool. I actually knew what was going to happen with M’gann, but I imagine it’d be surprising for other people. Previously on Supergirl, Cat’s gone and my heart can’t take it. Kara’s trying to be a reporter. J’onn met another Martian, M’gann, so he’s not as alone as he thinks. Alex started flirting with new detective friend Maggie. A pod came down from Krypton that had a Daxam in it, Mon-El.

We see a little backstory with Mon-El. The pod was from Krypton, and he was a soldier trying to protect the royal heir. The prince tricked him into the pod instead and died on the planet. Mon-El and Winn bond this episode as he’s being trapped inside, but they sneak out to get hammered. Mon-El helps Kara with one of her problems, so she agrees to take responsibility for him. It’s nice to hear her say that she was supposed to do that for Clark and never got the chance, so she wants to now. I’m thinking they might be potential love interests. Kara’s mostly focused on these alien fighting rings happening, where they’re forced to fight for money from a bad guy called Roulette. Maggie brings the problem to them, and they find out M’gann has been involved. J’onn’s feeling emotional because he tried to connect with her and asked for a psychic bond, and she refused him, so this really sets him off.


I think my sister’s LGBT?!

M’gann lets J’onn get kidnapped and agrees to fight him, but while they’re fighting he gets through to her. He points out that she’s a survivor and has survivor’s guilt and she has to move past that. One of the biggest hitters had knocked the heck out of Kara earlier, but this time she had an edge because Mon-El fought him before and takes him out. Roulette is arrested after Kara emotionally talks the aliens out of protecting her, but she ends up getting free because she has friends in high places. Alex asks Maggie out for a drink and Maggie has a girlfriend. Alex looks bummed. Because they’re a thing, or will be one. M’gann and J’onn are in a better place but she still won’t take the bond, and he respectfully backs off. Except we know why she’s refused, because she’s a White Martian and probably knows he would lose his mind if he saw her for who she is. She clearly has a lot of guilt for what her race did (even what she did???? we shall see) and that’s why she masqueraded as a green Martian. Maybe. It’ll all come out soon.

Also there was some Kara being a reporter stuff, I didn’t pay much attention to, outside of Snapper pointing out yet again how she isn’t educated at all in reporting and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Legit though. She doesn’t. Do some googling, Kara. Also she talked with Lena Luthor who helped her find Roulette. So there’s that. This show is still so great. I love it. It breaks my heart that it doesn’t have a huge viewership because I think it’s such a wonderful thing. I want to hug everyone. They’re all good characters, they’ve upped the ante, and apparently next week Jimmy wants to go vigilante???? I don’t blame him, being sidekick all this time. And maybe he’s jealous of Mon-El? It would be weird if he wasn’t considering he and Kara broke up so quickly and randomly. I MISS CAT. I miss Cat. 😦 Very curious to see where all these storylines are going.


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