Dee Discusses: Arrow 5×04

Posted: November 7, 2016 by Dee in Comics, DC, Dee, General Media, Recaps
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m late I’m late shhhhhhh no one sees anything. I am so late on all my TV, ahhhhh. I actually really liked this episode, it’s just been two weeks since it was on the air. In this episode we see Ollie branch off to do his own thing and leave his new team behind to make some trouble. Well, he doesn’t want them to make trouble, but they don’t have much of a chance as bad guy Church is still around. Previously on Arrow, Diggle got framed for murder and he’s willingly letting himself stay in prison. Lyla asked Ollie to break him out. Ollie’s put together a new team since his old one retired/left/died. One of them includes Rory, the last survivor of that town Felicity destroyed to save millions of people. Oliver is also Mayor of the city but his sister is doing most of it since he’s doing his Arrow thing. Also we have flashbacks of Oliver’s time in the Russian mob.

So Oliver decides to help Lyla out and go and break Diggle out. He doesn’t care that Diggle doesn’t want to be saved. He’s like naw, you’re making a decision out of guilt, and that’s not fair to your family. Oliver still has a lot of parent issues, as you can imagine. Felicity is very against it, and she tries to get the team to stop him, maybe as a team exercise? But they’re still nothing compared to him, he wipes the floor with them. He runs off and he manages to convince Dig to come back and find penance in helping the world instead. He does want him to come back to the team, but for now Diggle is going back to Lyla and his son. I wonder what that’s going to be like???? The army would go right for them, wouldn’t they? Anyway, it’s always lovely to see Oliver and Diggle and their relationship. It’s grown so much since season one and suffered a lot of ups and downs. I’m glad to see that while their struggles aren’t gone, they’ll never stop caring about each other.


Meanwhile back in the city, bad guy Church is back and the team are like yeeeeahhhhh we can’t just sit here until Oliver gets back. They decide to go off on a mission, but they’re still pretty green. Curtis gets badly injured and Wild Dog gets captured. He’s the one who “created” Church by killing him, so we’ll see what he plans on doing to the kid. I still wish we’d get more from Artemis because she’s had the least amount of development! I am interested in her, guys! Also Rory quits the team, but then Felicity talks to him and they decide the only way to move forward is to grieve and push ahead. I really like how they handled that storyline early and with grace. Ollie’s going to come back to his team in disarray and one of them kidnapped, so congrats, buddy.

This was a solid episode! I liked seeing him off on his own to rescue his friend, it’s reminded me how much he’s changed over time, and also to see the team on their own. And for them to see how they aren’t really ready without him. I’ve enjoyed this season a lot so far, it does feel like a fresh storyline and an almost soft reboot for the show. I forgot what the flashbacks had, I think he finally was accepted into the Bratva or whatever.


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