Dee Discusses: Supergirl 2×03

Posted: October 31, 2016 by Dee in Comics, DC, Recaps, Supergirl, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am late late late, shhhh. The problem is I actually do watch these shows on time, I just forget to write about them. But I’m too stubborn to skip them so here we are. Plus I love this show. LYNDA CARTER EVERYONE. I screamed. I knew she was going to be in this episode and I still got so excited. I love how Kara was excited, because I’m excited, and I feel that. Previously on Supergirl, we met Clark, he was great, J’onn gave him all the kryptonite. Cat Grant left, breaking my heart into pieces, and assigned Kara to be a reporter under this Snapper jerkface. Also Jimmy is in charge of Cat Co now. Apparently there are a shitton of aliens on the planet that I wasn’t fully aware of. Like I vaguely knew there were, but this episode introduces that there are A LOT OF THEM.

Hey remember when The CW said a main character was going to come out as gay this season? I think we know who now. Alex Danvers! She had instant chemistry with detective Maggie Sawyer, an openly gay woman who helps Alex with the case and flirts with her. There’s already some eager chatter on the subject, and I think it’s a done deal. Maggie also introduces Alex to this underground club where the many, many aliens apparently on Earth hang out as themselves. Lynda Carter is the President, and she’s about to sign into law a protection thing for aliens. So they can feel safe to come out. J’onn’s like lol, people are awful to anyone who is different, I should know. He rightly points out that even living as a black man has proven that. He ain’t wrong. But the group have trouble because the Kryptonian dude turns out to be a Daxamite named Mon-El. I should have seen that one coming. I’m sure we’re getting more from him ahead, but know that the Daxamites and the Krpytonians basically had this ongoing race war with both saying they other started the war. The Daxamites are wiped out too, after Krypton died, so now both of them are stranded.


At first Kara thinks he’s the one who attacks the President, but he’s just trying to get home. Instead there’s another alien, Scorch, who doesn’t approve of the President’s choices. She’s of the angry we-will-never-be-accepted mindset or the we’re-better-sort-of. Either way, she’s the culprit, Alex, Maggie, and Kara handle it, and J’onn decides to check out the alien bar. He’s nervous at first, but he recognizes the bartender and she reveals herself outside to be M’gann M’orzz, the last female Martian. WOO. I actually thought she’d show up sooner or later, so they’re just tossing in some new ladies and I am giving a high five. I love these new characters so far. Mon-El hasn’t shown much yet, but it has shown Kara that she has prejudices of her own that are unfair.

The President is also an alien! Hard to say if evil or not. We’re just given a hint when she’s walking away. Dum dum duuuuuuum. Kara deals with Lena Luthor, who thinks everyone should be able to tell who are aliens so they can deal with their fear mongering out in public. Kara angrily writes a story about it, and Snapper’s like dude, reporters can’t openly have so much aggressive bias. Snapper also tries to push Jimmy, who pushes back. Generally it was a really great episode. I love the new characters, I love the opening up of the world to more aliens, and I like Kara being someone who can learn and grow. I am still very interested in how¬†she’s going to end up connecting to the Flash and Arrow. From what I can tell she’s still in another reality, since they don’t mention anything about those people, so maybe Legends crossovers with her and that’s how? We’ll find out!

I miss Cat.


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