Dee Discusses: Supergirl 2×02

Posted: October 31, 2016 by Dee in Comics, DC, Dee, General Media, Supergirl


There are spoilers in this review. Duh!

These are old reviews so I’m moving through them quick shhhh nothing to see here. Previously on Supergirl, we met Clark Kent of this world and he was adorkable. Kara decided to become a reporter, which Cat Grant fully supports. J’onn and Clark have issues because J’onn wouln’t give him the kryptonite in case he’d need it. I’m on J’onn’s side. I get Clark doesn’t want just anyone to have hands on kryptonite, but he can hardly argue that it wasn’t necessary to fight the Kryptonians last season, c’mon now. We met Lena Luthor, Lex’s adopted sister who wants to take LexCorp in a new direction. Also Project Cadmus is a go as a bad guy¬†was turned into Metallo at the end of last episode. I think I avoided writing about this one because my beloved Cat is leaving.

I knew Calista was only going to be in a few episodes this season. Probably because they couldn’t afford her full time. It’s really terrible considering how important her character was to Kara, although I could see how losing her mentor will force Kara to grow up without a safety net. Cat is moving on to something unknown, because she feels like she’s been treading water. Kara has an emotional goodbye with her both as herself and as Supergirl, and I had all the feelings. Kara has some personal trouble with her new boss Snapper Carr, who specifically runs the news section now that she’s a reporter. Jimmy is now becoming Cat, or stepping into her role temporarily. It’s actually good right now that Kara isn’t dating him, because that would be inappropriate, and I’m just glad he’s getting some good storyline on his own and not as her love interest only. Yay storylines for all. This is probably the least important part so I’ll continue to the real story, but I had to be sad about Cat, okay? She’s my favorite.


Clark and Kara keep teaming up, but Alex shows signs of resentment and jealousy. I don’t blame her! Winn does point out to her that just because she’s done everything for Kara, or thinks she has, it doesn’t mean she’s entitled to Kara’s full attention. A good concept. Clark and Kara try to fight Metallo, who almost kills them, and then they make a second Metallo that attacks Metropolis. Clark’s torn as he feels he should have been home to protect it. However the two of them figure out (or Kara figures out!) that Cadmus thinks they can split them up, when really they have more allies than the two of them. Alex helps Kara defeat one of them, and J’onn helps Clark defeat the other. Huzzah! J’onn gives in and Clark gets all of the Kryptonite to hide away safely. This becomes immediately a problem as the kid in the coma wakes up only to strangle Kara. Uh oh!

This was a solid episode. Tyler is ADORABLE as Clark. This is the real Clark Kent, everyone. This is the type of person he is for real. Warm and awkward and well meaning. His chemistry with Melissa is adorable. I liked all the personal aspects of this episode and the Cadmus trouble is also interesting. Overall, this season has started out strong, and it’s widening the world in really great ways. And I happen to know it’s doing even more in the future. Excuse me while I go write that fast shhhh.


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