There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

THIS SHOW. I am freaking out. I watch this show live, it is currently the only one that I do. Which is hilarious since I hate westerns, but this is obviously more science fiction than anything else. This is giving me some LOST feelings when it comes to a lot of mysteries and fandom coming up with wild theories. Every week I’m going NOOOOO DON’T END. Such a strong show, HBO good choice. Previously on Westworld, I’m no longer going to explain the premise because it’s a few episodes in. Ford is putting together a storyline and not letting people in on it. He did say he had a partner named Arnold who died in the park. Possibly by him? We’ll see. Nice boy William and his jerkface brother-in-law¬†Logan were going on a quest when Dolores stumbled into their camp after killing another host. Bernard has been intentionally messing with Dolores wiring to make her more human … I think. Maeve woke up when they were working on her and saw all the androids being made, but she’s currently forgotten … OR HAS SHE.¬†There’s also the big criminal Hector we haven’t seen enough of. Man in Black was on a quest to find this special maze, and he let one of the other criminals go Lawrence to try and get his answers.

Where to even start. Okay so Logan and William bring Dolores along on their quest, Dolores meets the creepy little girl in town who is like don’t you know we’re not real, c’mon now. Someone tries to get her to go home, but she’s like naw. However Logan gets bored of their quest and kills the police person with them, instead wanting to side with the bad guys for once. William’s like ‘why do I have to put up with you you’re such a jackass.’ He leaves with Dolores and Logan’s like ehhhh and goes on with his evil quest. He’s a renegade, okay? Man in Black’s trying to get more answers about the map quest, he knows who Arnold is which makes me go WHO ARE YOU SERIOUSLY WHY ARE THEY HIDING SO MANY THINGS ABOUT YOU. But fascinated too. He has a lot of power as he requests explosive materials and they’re like sure whatever you want dude. He sets Hector free, who goes into town as he’s supposed to. He meets Maeve there who has been having creepy visions of what happened to her, and find a doll that reminds her of it from the Natives. She asks Hector and mentioned that she knows she got shot. She cuts herself open and he helps get the bullet out of her. But now they know something for sure is up. Maybe. Until their mind is wiped again. Although she did hide a bunch of pictures she’s drawn of the creepy figure from her dreams. THEY ARE GETTING TO THE ANSWERS.


PS they have good chemistry. Meanwhile Theresa is worried the board is going to be pissed off about Ford’s storyline. Especially when she finds out that more glitches have been happening. She and Bernard flirt and are almost cute. Ford sits her down in this fancy section while people are working on the park. She’d been there as a child. Ford proves he has FREAKY powers that can make all androids stop entirely, kind of like what he did with the snake. How is that possible? Is he telepathically linked to all of them???? He reveals he knows a shitton about her, Bernard, and everything else, so she better get out of his way. Is Ford the bad guy? Is he crazy? I have no idea. AHHHHH. I don’t know anything, okay, I know nothing, Jon Snow.

I really enjoy this show, even if I haven’t agonized over answers as much in years. I really do hope some day down the road we get to see the other parks. Even if it might just be more of the same THE HOSTS ARE RIOTING. So what exactly is waking them all up? Dolores has reason, because her father was infected but more than that Bernard has been messing with her programming. Making her more self-aware. But what about the others? I feel like there’s a conspiracy going on. Arnold could be alive? And waking them up? Man in Black could be helping? I DON’T KNOW. And that’s so fun. I really hope Teddy starts getting these flashes, because that poor guy is only around to torture and kill at this point. When is he going to start waking up? The acting in this is superb, the costumes and look of it too, and generally I look forward to it every week.


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