There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This better not be the end of Earth-2 Harrison Wells because he is my favorite. And Jesse Quick is also one of my favorites. I kept going NEVER LET HARRY LEAVE. It was great to see his relationship grow over last season with the team, and Jesse pointing out that he really wanted to stay with them. His grumpy dickishness never failed to make me smile, I’m glad they didn’t go with the perfect good guy thing instead. I do think this Harrison will end up being temporary and we can get Harry back. Also I am ashamed of me being Caitlin/Harry trash now? He’s 20 years older than her, Dee. Not okay. Previously on The Flash, Jesse Quick showed up a speedster with her father, and he accepted she’s a hero now and gets her own suit. She and Wally might have a ~thing~ although he’s sad about not being a speedster. There’s a new bad guy named Doctor Alchemy who is messing with Barry because of Flashpoint. Barry and Iris are dating. Leonard Snart is in this because Wentworth agreed to be in a handful of eps, even though he left Legends. I’m so sad about that still.

Just dealing with the Harry stuff first because let’s face it I am biased. Harry sticks around a little longer so Jesse can train with Barry. They say they miss him, but he doesn’t feel he can leave his earth, so he says they should look for another universe’s Harrison Wells to take his place. He creates a puzzle only a him would get. They have a variety of funny terrible versions, but decide on this awkward nerdy type version who seems kind of like a stoner. Harry shows jealousy though when he realizes they might actually replace him. He also has a feeling his other self could be bad. He probably is. Keep Harry, guys. His other versions are probably evil, let’s be honest. He and Jesse go home after he’s reassured by Caitlin and Cisco that there is only one Harry, and they care about him. Jesse also hooks up with Wally, they’re very cute, he’s at first hesitant because of the other worlds thing, but decide to enjoy their time together regardless. I found myself much more into them than Barry and Iris, but c’est la vie.









So the actual story, right. Mirror Master shows up! They have a flashback to the particle accelerator, and both Mirror Master and Top are created. They first have a little fight with Captain Cold, and then he disappears. Now years later he awakens from his mirror to find everything changed. He wants to use his power, and Top’s power, to take over now that Snart is gone. Barry and Jesse go up against him, but Jesse ignores Barry’s warning and nearly dies by running head first in. She feels terrible about it, but she’s reassured by the others that people make mistakes and she’s still new to this. She seems to accept that before leaving. Barry and Iris have awkward moments when they’re kissing around Joe and Barry freaks out. Obviously Joe isn’t like yay make out, but he isn’t like never touch her. Barry says he’s still not sure what to make of their budding relationship, but he decides a good way to do it is to move out. Yes, babe, you should’ve done that awhile ago!

Also Caitlin helped them save Barry when he was stuck in a mirror, using her ice powers. Harry seems to know and warns Cisco about it before leaving. She is in the shower, freezes everything, and sees some of her hair has turned white. Uh oh! Caitlin, honey, you’re only going to get through this if you’re honest! So this was a pretty solid episode. I don’t mind not having Doctor Alchemy stuff and a general villain in this. I really love Harry and Jesse, so just having them around made me smile. I hope this isn’t the end of them. I guess we’ll see how the new Harrison Wells does. It’s interesting that he’d be so willing to just leave his Earth without thinking twice about it. It was nice to see Snart if only for a few minutes of screen time. This was kind of a filler episode, but it was enjoyable, so oh well.


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