Dee Discusses: Legends of Tomorrow 2×01

Posted: October 28, 2016 by Dee in Comics, DC, Dee, legends of tomorrow, Recaps
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I really did like Legends of Tomorrow by the end of last season, so I was looking forward to seeing the show again! I think it has a different vibe from the other two, but in a way I like. I’ve always been a big fan of ensemble casts, because even if you don’t like someone, you can love someone else. I was genuinely surprised to see Stephen Amell throughout this episode, because I hadn’t seen spoilers for his main role in this premiere. It was a great little shock for me. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, they found out that everything they’d been doing was being controlled by the Time┬áMasters. The team had been going around trying to stop Savage, moving throughout time. Captain Cold / Leonard Snart gave his life to destory the machine controlling them and saving his team. The Hawks decided to wander off and figure out what to do now with their lives. At the end of the season, Rex Tyler showed up (YAY) to tell them that they’re going to die if they get back in the Waverider and keep going on.

So this episode starts with a new character to the show Nate Heywood (Citizen Steel in the comics, more on that later) tracking down Oliver Queen. He has figured out he’s Green Arrow, because he’s smart and is like lol but anyone with a brain can figure that out. He needs help trying to find out what happened to the legends, because they’re missing. They find the ship in the water, and Mick is found in a stasis. When he wakes up, he explains what happened to them. They learned that a nuclear bomb was going to go off in 1942, thanks to Damien Darhk (I DIDN’T WANT HIM TO COME BACK, BLAH). They were warned by Rex not to go back to that time, but they were like lol okay whatever. Sara’s trying to get revenge for her sister so she goes off-book. Darhk manages to get away with the bomb and goes underwater. The team go after him and intentionally try to stop the bomb with the ship. Rip sends his team to different points of time to save them, except Mick who is put in stasis. The bomb hits the ship. Darhk also is working with Eobard Thawne so that’ll come up soon. I figured there was a reason they had Thawne back in action due to Flashpoint.


In current time, Mick decides to get the Waverider back running thanks to new guy Nate, and they manage to go find their wayward team. Everyone’s safe and sound but Rip can’t be found. He left a message for them that implies he’s dead. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up again later on, because Nate is no replacement for him. They are confronted by the Justice Society of America when they go back to the 40s, who think they’re Nazis or evil or something along that line. The ep ends as they begin to possibly fight. I did fangirl over seeing the Justice Society! Oh yeah I forgot, they got Einstein, during this time lol. I didn’t remember that. Einstein was how the nazis got the bomb, except they actually got it from his wife who was as brilliant as him, and never got the credit. They got the wife instead, so they said the way to protect her ???? was by coming out that she helped him.

It’s a good opening! I enjoyed it because I didn’t expect them to come at the story that way. I don’t like Nate much, but he could grow on me with time. I expect them to eventually get more team members considering the Hawks are gone, unless they plan on rejoining later. As for Nate, he is the grandson of a pretty well known superhero, also Citizen Steel, and his storyline I don’t think will be the same. In that his leg was partially amputated, and Vandal Savage tried to kill him with neo-Nazis to wipe out the bloodlines of the Golden Age peeps. His leg was turned into steel and he became a superhero. In this he is presented differently. I’m not a big fan just yet, but I’m willing to be open minded. It’s hard to try and “replace” Rip who was an aggressive leader and very knowing about time travel. Nate’s out of his element and just sort of trying to push his way in. We’ll see how that changes. Happy to see everyone though! BTW they need another woman on the team. Sara is legit the only one right now.


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