There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Yay Harry and Jesse are back! And Jesse Quick is officially a thing. I flailed. Jesse Quick is my favorite Speedster from the comics, and I think she’s been pretty adorable here. I really wish they would just stay permanently, I miss them. This was a good episode, a lot of interesting things going on. Previously on The Flash, Barry changed the timelineĀ and messed some things up, and he knows now he can’t go back and try to fix it yet again. So they have to accept this second timeline. That timeline includes Cisco’s brother dying, John Diggle having a son instead of a daughter, and Draco Malfoy now working as a scientist alongside Barry. Also last season Wally and Jesse were hit with speed particles of a sort, but neither had showed super speed … YET. Also Caitlin has her Killer Frost powers all of a sudden. A bad guy Doctor Alchemy has been taking advantage of the new timeline to get some villains on his side to go against the Flash. Sort of? His intentions are blurry.

The bad guy of this episode is Frankie aka Magenta, although she’s someone we sympathize with more than demonize. She’s been abused terribly all her life, and Doctor Alchemy brought out the dark side of her in some kind of a split personality. She has telekinesis and tries to kill her violent foster father, but it doesn’t work. She then decides to throw a tanker at the hospital to kill him, but Barry manages to talk her down. Instead of putting her in prison they let her go. She’s sweet, I like how they handled this one. Barry had help this week in the form of Jesse Quick! Yup, Jesse did end up getting speed powers, and Harry brought her to the timeline to get tested and trained. And begs Caitlin to convince her not to use her powers. Also he notices the difference in the timeline too and is like wtf Barry. Yeah. Right there with you Harry.


Harry being overprotective of his daughter is normal, and understandable given last season, but she’s determined to be a superhero. She and Wally bond and he desperately wants superpowers, so he almost kills himself to try and activate them. But it doesn’t look like he’ll be having them. After being told off by Caitlin (who is emotionally coping with her own powers), Harry supports his daughter in becoming a superhero, and even gives her a new costume. Awww. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE AGAIN I LOVE YOU TWO. Also Iris and Barry go on their first date and it is enormously awkward. I love that, actually, it makes sense that with that build up it wouldn’t go perfectly. And they’re kind of not acting who they are to make it work. Instead they’re like … we both need to chillax. And they share a sweet kiss. While I’m not 100% into that ship, I think they’re sweet and don’t mind it in the least.

This was a good episode. It’s kind of filler in a lot of ways, but all the interpersonal stuff with Team Flash made me smile. Sometimes you don’t need it to be an intense BAD GUY DESTROYING THE WORLD thing. I like the quieter moments when people have to interact and grow as characters. Caitlin really should tell them about her powers, but I get she’s afraid of becoming Killer Frost. Poor thing. Her chew out of Harry was fantastic. I know that he has to go back to his world soon and it makes me so sad, Tom has made him such a great character in this version. What a talented man, doing Eobard and then this Harrison Wells. Anyway, it was a solid episode.


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