Dee Discusses: How To Get Away With Murder 3×05

Posted: October 27, 2016 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Okay so I’ve made it no secret that Bonnie and Frank and their relationship was one of my favorite things on this show. I loved when Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank were the dream team always trying to deal with the stupidity of the kids. It’s been heartbreaking to have Frank apart from them, which is really disturbing since the man is a cold blooded killer, but I still love him? IDEK. This gave him some back story and fulfilled a kind of OTP I never knew I had. This show is so great! Previously on HTGAWM, Annalise sort of send a hitman after Frank and she is still trying to find him because she blames her for the loss of her baby. Frank last ep killed Bonnie’s abusive rapist father. Laurel knows that Bonnie knows. Annalise said she was an alcoholic to save herself from getting her license suspended and her fired. She actually is one though, so there’s that. She broke up with Nate and Eve left, so she’s all alone. Wes is still the most boring character on this show in a boring relationship and I’m so tired of him. Connor and Oliver broke up. In the flash forward Annalise’s house burned down, someone is dead and she got emotional over it, and they found a second body who is still alive, and it’s Laurel, and she’s pregnant.

Frank and Bonnie stuff first because it’s the only thing I cared about tbh. Bonnie finds Frank after being like ‘nah’ to her father’s remains. They hug and she’s forgiven him. She tells him to come home and try to earn Annalise’s forgiveness. He’s clearly like a lost puppy and you can tell he wants to, but he also knows that he’s not going to get it from her. We see flashbacks of him in prison when Sam and Annalise helped get him out. He thinks he’s a sociopath, but Sam says he wouldn’t feel so guilty for killing someone if he was one. The two of them show enough compassion that he seems to open up and think maybe he isn’t evil afterward. And we know how bad things got after that. Frank is a really complex character and the actor did a marvelous job in this episode proving that. Bonnie and Frank connect, and he begs her to run away with him and they can start a new normal life together. They sleep together after she wakes him up from nightmares, and it’s all surprisingly adorable. But he’s gone when she comes back to the hotel, and she breaks down. 😦 He really doesn’t think Annalise will ever forgive him. I really want her to, although I fully understand why she can’t. And so does he, honestly. He gets it. By the end of the episode Laurel tells Wes about Frank and he tells Annalise. Bonnie has gotten home at the tail end so there will be a reckoning about that.


Annalise gets suuuuuper drunk like falling down slurring words drunk. She went to an AA meeting and it didn’t seem to help. She tried throwing all her alcohol out, and it didn’t work. We see her and Sam happy in flashbacks, when they moved into the house, when they couldn’t get pregnant, when she finally did. It’s actually very painful, and you can see how it haunts her to this day. Wes comes in and helps her when she’s horribly drunk, she asks him about his girlfriend. They’ve always had a weird relationship so I hope it never gets sexual, it’s just too weird. But Annalise always manages to bounce back, so she gets her job back and license back by threatening suing and all that. She finds out that the mean kid from class is the one who put her pictures everywhere and blackmails him too. I was sort of hoping it was someone more interesting than him who did it. The new head of the school is like fiiiiine, but then she also was at AA so she tells Annalise to get help regardless. Annalise does need help, man. Laurel and Wes have more of their awkward … not flirting? But kind of? I don’t know. I don’t get that at all. Meggie is very boring and normal though. Maybe she turns out to be evil. I don’t know.

Also Michaela has a southern accent and a backstory she doesn’t want to get into. However this leads pretty well into us seeing she’s alive and well in the flash forward. We also find out that whoever is dead is definitely a man. Which means my beloved Eve is safe!!!!! Yessssss. Oliver desperately calls Connor trying to find him. So the person dead is either Connor, Wes, Frank, Asher, or Nate.  PLEASE BE WES PLEASE BE WES. GIVE ME WHAT I HAVE WANTED FOR SO LONG. Oh who am I kidding for whatever reason he’ll always live. I think it will likely be Frank because he can’t come back from things. It’s possible he’ll redeem himself to Annalise before he dies, and that’s why she has such an emotional reaction. I think despite everything she would genuinely care if he died. She wouldn’t react like that to Asher. She MIGHT react that way to Connor, but I’m not sure. It’s either Wes or Nate if we really want to guess who she loves the most … or she could be lying about her grief. I DON’T KNOW. This freaking show. I am so sad about Bonnie and Frank now. That was some of the best acted and most emotional scenes of all this season and that’s saying a lot.


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