There are spoilers in this review. Duh!

This show. I haven’t been this fascinated by a show in awhile. It reminds me a little bit like LOST, although LOST is a particular brand of WTF???? that I don’t know anything else will reach for me. That being said, I keep getting all these questions in my head about it, I’m fascinated by the little pieces of info we’re getting dropped, and as most of the audience, I’m just waiting for the time the hosts/robots rise up against their overlords. MUAHAHHAHA. Previously on Westworld, it’s a giant theme park that is a western, where androids are created for the pleasure of the guests. They can have sex with them or kill them or join these fun little side quests like they’re living a real video game. As a video game fan this tickles me. I would totally go there and not do anything like that, but I’d want to take part in the quests. Kind of like the Man in Black, only with less awfulness. The Man in Black is Ed Harris and he is creepy. He’s also on some kind of private journey. We met William and Logan, two visitors, and William is sweet and there for the first time, Logan is basically a sociopath in the park. Dolores has started to show independence and some of the signs of the “virus” that took out a few other of the hosts. The creator of everything, Ford, is super creepy and working on some project of his own.

I think the most important clue to take from this is what Ford said to Bernard. Anthony Hopkins as always is an incredible actor, being mysterious, strangely menacing, and fascinating. Bernard is confused by some of the glitching hosts referring to a person named Arnold. He confronts Ford about it, and Ford says that Arnold was his partner who created this park with him. He had a really special connection to the hosts, but he apparently went mad and died “in an accident” in the park. Yeeeeah okay. There’s definitely¬†an insidious thing that happened and we will hopefully find out more later. He pushes Bernard a little bit about his grief over his son’s death. Gina Torres is his ex-wife! Omg. Bernard also is establishing a relationship with Dolores, and has been for awhile, when he talks with her privacy and in a personal way. He gives her the Alice in Wonderland book that his son read, and he asked if she wanted to be free. She said she did, so he decides not to report her strange behavior.


Dolores and Teddy meet up again, but Ford has given Teddy some new background for his new narrative. Teddy now has a past with the bad guy Wyatt, who has a verrrrry creepy cult. Dolores tries to use a gun, but she can’t pull the trigger due to her programming. Teddy later brings some guests to hunt Wyatt, but it gets way too messed up and the guests run. Teddy dies. Again. That poor guy. Dolores on the other hand goes to her house to see her parents killed again, and then she is dragged into the barn probably to get raped since that’s how it goes. She shoots the person dead. I thought it was a guest at first, but it’s just another host I think. STILL. She’s not supposed to be able to injure anyone. She stumbles upon Logan and William when she runs off. William has already shown a soft spot, and he requested to go on a cool quest, with Logan reluctantly going on. So that’ll be interesting, I don’t think Dolores has ever stepped off from her story before and this is not the same area.

Also one of the techs Elsie goes with the head of security to find a host that has gone off course. They find him, and he fights back, which they’re like ?????? and then it looks like he’s going to kill Elsie, but he just kills himself instead. He was carving things in rocks that he shouldn’t be. So basically, they’re all losing their shit and will obviously find a way to get their revenge. Is that what Ford wants? He definitely seems more intrigued by their actions than bothered by them. Although he shows a moment of obvious callousness when one of the techs seems hesitant to cut open a host, and he’s like they aren’t real yo. But still. WHAT IS HIS PLAN? I’m so curious. What exactly has Bernard done to Dolores to make her be different? Different programming? It’s hard to say right now. I feel like this will end up the way Cabin in the Woods did, where eventually they get into HQ and kill everyone. Like that’s where this is headed, lol. There’s some theories out there that William is the Man in Black / Ed Harris, and that his scenes are actually earlier in the timeline than Man in Black. That would be pretty interesting! See, this show already has conspiracy theories, go figure.


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