Dee Discusses: Arrow 5×02

Posted: October 18, 2016 by Dee in Comics, DC, Dee, Recaps
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’d like to say welcome back to Arrow, the show that continues to be depressing and difficult in so many ways, but it isn’t like the Flash hasn’t been kind of low lately either. That isn’t to say they are bad, just wow, need to hug some puppies right now. Oliver continues to regress here, although he’s at least capable of talking out his feelings in a way he never did in the past so there’s that. Also Dig has a storyline. Kind of? Previously on Arrow, Ollie was in denial about his team leaving for good, but he’s reluctantly accepted it and will be training three new people. We’ve been seeing his flashbacks about his time in the Russian gang. Detective Lance is a waste of space back to drinking, when he should have died last season instead of Laurel and I resent his existence. There’s some new person going around pretending to be the arrow with a creepy face. But we’ve seen Green Arrow copycats before in this world so hopefully people aren’t stupid enough to fall for it again. Also Oliver’s Mayor but he’s not really paying attention. Thea’s going the most of the work.

Oliver training the new peeps. Curtis, the wimpiest but sweetest of the log, new angry guy Ray aka Wild Dog, and Evelyn who tried to be Black Canary last season. She doesn’t get a lot in this episode which sucks because Ray reminds me of Roy and I’m kind of like Kanye shrug about him. Anyway, he recruits them but he’s brutal, like old school Oliver brutal. He says they need to ring the bell behind him if they can get past him and then proceeds to beat the hell out of them. His cold and vicious style doesn’t really work well. We see in the flashback that he was trained that way too, until he came up with the answer to the puzzle: to work as a team. This led to all his teammates at the time getting murdered and him alive since it was his idea. Still, the lesson doesn’t work for these three because they are having none of his attitude and distrust. Oliver thinks it over with Felicity and recognizes after Curtis bitches him out (good job!) that some trust is required. He gives his secret identity to them. See this is the Oliver that has grown over the seasons and he is willing to change. It makes sense that he’d distrust given that his team abandoned him and he lost friends in the past. But I still appreciate the character development that brought him to this point.


The other storylines going on are about Mayor Oliver. A company has agreed to help fund hospitals in Star ┬áCity. The head honcho gets attacked by a creepy kid in a costume, not once but twice, and Oliver talks the kid down. The kid is in fact Rory, who was the survivor of the nuclear explosion last season, and the shady company helping Oliver was behind the bombs in the first place. It wasn’t their fault that Darhk used them, really, but they certainly are responsible to a point. You can see Felicity being shaken to her core, because it was her decision to let that town die in exchange for many, many more lives. Rory and Oliver bond because he saves Oliver regardless of losing his real target, and it looks like he will be joining the team too. Which will put Felicity in an awkward spot. Interesting for the future.

Also Dig is … doing something. I zoned out a little during all that. He was on a mission and then the leader of the mission was doing shady stuff, and Dig is going to get blamed for it. Also this kid going with them got shot and he’ll feel guilty about that. So my guess is Oliver will need to help bail him out? That’ll make him come back? Hm. Either way, he needs assistance, and he’s still on the show so it’ll have to require his friends coming to help him! This was a decent episode, I like to see the character growth in Oliver and that he’s still himself at times (cold, traumatized, brutal) but the new guy too. I’m interested to see the new team! I hope they do cover some things for him so he can be the Mayor more. Overall I think this new beginning has been pretty decent.


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