Dee Discusses: How To Get Away With Murder 3×04

Posted: October 15, 2016 by Dee in Dee, HTGAWM, Recaps
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Eve is back! And I hope her coming back and then leaving again doesn’t solidify that she’s probably dead in a few weeks. I keep crossing my fingers they wouldn’t kill her, considering how aware they are of the dead lesbian trope. I don’t think Famke said how many episodes she filmed this season. Also remember that Bonnie is alive? And remember how I loved that Bonnie and Frank were inseparable partners and super loyal to Annalise? That comes back in a major way this week. Previously on HTGAWM, Annalise punched her client because he was a really horrible person. The school already wants to find a way to fire her from tenure. Connor and Oliver broke up, Asher and Michael are actively a thing. Wes has a nice girlfriend named Meggy, and Laurel and him have this weird thing that I still don’t like or get. Frank is on the run from everyone but Laurel did find out where he was from her father. Also if you forgot, Bonnie was raped and abused by her father for years as a child.

It was brought up last week, about Bonnie’s past, and again this week a few times, so I knew it was headed for something. Last season when Annalise told Asher it to make him stay silent, Bonnie lost her mind at her. This week she is the one in control of the case, because someone reported Annalise hitting her client and now her license is suspended. Jeez. The case is about an underage boy who is in trouble for charging over 40k on a credit card fraudulently. Through investigation they figure out that his teacher was in a sexual relationship with him, and she’s pregnant, so that’s why he was buying things. Bonnie points out that it’s rape, legally it absolutely is, with their 15 year old client (please get younger looking actors this guy is clearly 30) not able to consent with his 30+ teacher. Asher does point out she might be projecting a little due to her own issues. The client is mad because now he doesn’t know what will happen to his baby, but they won the case. In the flash forward, we find out who is the body taken out alive, and it’s Laurel. AND GUESS WHAT? She’s pregnant. Dum dum duuuuum. Is it Frank, or is it Wes? It’d have to be her sleeping with Wes like immediately, though, because for her to be pregnant enough in four weeks for this, it’d have to be pretty quick.


Annalise’s life pretty much blows up majorly here. She tells Eve everything she missed, including that Frank was responsible for the death of her child (ish). I mean, I don’t know, I’m still iffy on that. I’m not sold that Annalise really wants him dead, but she’s talking out of grief and emotion. I miss Frank, Bonnie, and Annalise, okay? Nate and Annalise break up after she gets super drunk and he says she’s an alcoholic, and he hooks up with the DA. Annalise is basically fired, but she manages to get back by saying she IS an alcoholic and that gives her an excuse. They can’t really fire her, if she goes through rehab or what have you in exchange for getting her license back. It’d be interesting to see her in rehab, right? But then Eve leaves too because she’s fallen in love with someone else. Annalise encourages her to go since it’ll be a better life. It’s super sad, but it was mature of Annalise to do, since she truly loves Eve. I’m annoyed they didn’t let Annalise say she’s bi or pan, when she’s asked her orientation, but some people don’t like to put on labels so whatevs.

This whole episode Frank is being super shady (EVEN MORE) and gets these chemicals and seduces a nurse. It’s because he’s gone to assassinate Bonnie’s father. Yup! He’s found the man and kills him slowly using the chemicals, all out of love for his pseudo-sister. I guess he’s really found his calling as the team hit man, maybe he should just keep accepting that. I was delighted because it means that he and Bonnie are still bros, and that he still loves his people. …it’s really weird to say I was delighted he murdered someone. Oh well, that’s this show for you. Laurel figures it out, and Bonnie tells her not to tell Annalise. Also Wes’ girlfriend is nice and throws him a party. It’s awkward. Connor has been sleeping around again and keeps offering to get back with Oliver, who is like nah. He isn’t feeling comfortable sleeping around, and also with his HIV isn’t sure anyone will have him. Aw.  I wonder how long we’re going to stretch out this break up. I’m wondering if Connor is the one dead. It’ll probably be Frank. Probably. We’ll see. THIS STUPID SHOW.

Great episode, great acting, Annalise has now lost both her lovers and her job security and things have gone crazy. So. I really love her despite being like you kind of reap what you sow too. But I would like to point out that as problematic as Annalise is, she has still yet to murder someone, whereas several of the kids have so. THIS SHOW. They say next week we’ll find out who put her pictures everywhere with murderer on it. (Please be Wes who is dead please be Wes.)

People who are for sure not dead (yet): Annalise, Oliver, Bonnie, Meggy, Laurel.

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