There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

The Flash did something unexpected in this episode, and I actually appreciated it. Instead of us seeing a few episodes of Barry trying to fix his timeline over and over, he said whelp I messed it up, have to stop now. I do wish there were more consequences for him in terms of long time disappointment from his people. They very quickly forgave him, and I feel like that lets him off the hook somewhat. Barry feels guilty, yes, and his world has changed, but everyone made up in the end of this. I know they don’t want the team to be fractured forever, but a little longer wouldn’t be a bad idea. This new timeline gave them the chance to do a few things, such as the gif below, and it’ll be fun to see where it goes next. Previously on The Flash, Barry went back in time, saved his mother, realized he was wrong despite being happy, went back again to let her live, and came back to his timeline to realize there were long term issues that stayed. Like Iris and Joe not talking. Also Eobard Thawne now exists and isn’t gone for good. Because. I. Whatever. Also the real Jay Garrick is Barry’s father’s doppelg√§nger.

FIRST OFF I want to talk about Tom Felton, who I jokingly found a picture of above to lampshade him being Draco. His character name is Julian Albert, and no it is not the name of any DC character we know … as of now. Keep in mind Harrison Wells is not one either, but became Thawne on this show and then his own original character. But the father of Jesse Quick! That will come in next week. Tom Felton was quite interesting in this! He was charming in his grumpy, irritated way, and he’s a new CSI who Barry now apparently shares a lab with. They dislike each other, because Julian doesn’t trust Barry, nor should he all things considered. They temporarily work together here because Julian has a file on these new “husk” things in town, and it helps Barry figure out where the Rival is. Oh yeah, the Rival came to this timeline. Ish? And remembers everything. He’s helped by the new bad guy Alchemy. I really hope Julian doesn’t turn out to be Alchemy because it’s too expected and I rather like him. Alchemy’s reasons for doing this also seem intriguing. And mysterious. So I’m looking forward to more.


The real thing is that Barry tries at first to figure out all the reasons things are different here. Cisco’s brother died in a drunk driving accident, Iris and Joe aren’t talking because of her mother, and he finds out talking to Felicity that Diggle’s daughter Sara is now his son John. Good nod there as we know he became the Arrow in the Legends of Tomorrow future we saw. After talking to Jay Garrick about everything, he realizes he can’t just keep fixing things, so he has to live in this timeline. Cisco in particular is furious with him, because he refused to go back to save his brother. However after Barry nearly gets killed by the Rival, Cisco comes to his rescue and for now they’re okay with each other. FOR NOW. Joe and Iris makes up because she realizes forgiveness has to happen at some point. Also Wally is freaking adorable, have I mentioned that? He’s such a sweetie. When Barry tries to trick them all into dinner and wants to go on a team retreat, Wally’s like COOL I AM IN. I love him.

Also Caitlin has her frost abilities. So that’s a change. I wonder how that happened here. Basically by making a new timeline he has altered things fundamentally. Don’t go back again, Barry. You really have fucked it up enough for a few seasons. And I’m getting sick of you making the same mistakes. He and Iris hook up finally. I don’t have a problem with them really, I find them a little dull but otherwise sweet. Next week Jesse Quick shows up, Harrison Wells is back (I MISS HIM SO MUCH), and yes Jesse is now a speedster! Yay! Does that mean Wally might officially be one eventually? This was a solid episode. I’m glad we won’t be seeing him constantly do time travel again now, this new timeline is permanent. As for Alchemy/Doctor Alchemy, there were¬†three in the comics. They were all scientists so it’s possible Julian could be any of them. Again, that’s not my preference. It seems like he might be Mr. Element aka Alexander Petrov, who was a lab assistant, and blamed his crimes on Captain Cold who I believe will be coming back this season. The first one however Albert Desmond had a split personality disorder, with one being very firmly a lawful man and the other being a criminal. So Felton could be that, with Julian being the nice side and Alchemy being the cruel. I suppose we’ll find out!


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