There are spoilers in this review. Duh! And this is long. Not sorry.

I know, I should have written about this a long time ago. Everyone who follows me on FB and Twitter are well aware that I love the hell out of this movie. I saw it several times in the theaters. I got the blu-ray this week which means I’m going to watch it several more times soon. I have a lot of feelings about it. A lot of irrational feelings on it too. There was a lot of talk about this movie, and that you either hate it or love it, and I’ll admit I get very testy about criticism. Depending on what the criticisms are. I can absolutely see how the movie isn’t for everyone, and that it has a somewhat simple storyline. It’s not an Oscar worthy film, but I didn’t want that. I wanted a movie about four badass ladies busting ghosts and being brilliant scientists. And that is what I got. Add in some genuine women support, love, and friendship, and it’s like tailor made for those of us who have been desperate for more of that in pop culture. So I’m going to say up front, I do like the original Ghostbusters a lot! I liked this one better on a personal level, and I’m going to explain why in a bit. First though! Prepare for some gushing. A lot of it. This is long.

This movie isn’t a remake or reboot so to speak. The original Ghostbusters doesn’t exist in this world, and most of the Ghostbusters cast appear in this as bit roles as a wink wink. It’s about four women: Erin, Abby, Patty, and everyone’s favorite Holtzmann. Erin and Abby were friends when they were young and believed in ghosts existing, after Erin witnessed a haunting herself. They wrote a book about ghosts, but Erin went on to try and be a “real” scientist, and she’s hoping to get tenure soon as a prestigious college. She finds out Abby has published their book again, and that would get in the way of her career. They meet again, and Holtzmann is the brilliant engineer working with Abby and coming up with gadgets. They see a ghost for the first time, a real one, Erin is fired from her job for screaming in the video GHOSTS ARE REAL. She joins Abby and Holtzmann in exploring the world of ghosts, and their new BFF Patty joins up. She worked for the subway system and came upon a ghost there, and reported it to the group, eventually becoming a member of the team. Also they have a very handsome but very stupid secretary named Kevin.


The bad guy is this creepy guy named Rowan who talks about the apocalypse a lot and wants to open a gate to the underworld so ghosts can come into this world. It’s up to the ladies to save the day, although they are discredited and treated horribly by everyone around them. The Mayor does believe them, and Homeland Security believes them, but they’re afraid it’ll cause a panic so say they have to keep pretending they’re liars to keep the city calm. Erin is infuriated by this because she always wants to be taken seriously, while the others are kind of okay with being outsiders. There’s a lot of cute inside jokes to the Ghostbusters, although I maintain they didn’t really need any of that. Listen, diehard Ghostbusters fans don’t care if you give winks to the originals. They didn’t want this to exist. There’s no pleasing them. I think this movie was at its best when it did its own thing and let the ladies be their awesome selves. Rowan turning into the Ghostbusters logo at the end made me think he was supposed to represent the shadow of the original they had to fight. Also he kind of seemed like a mouth breather, like the type of misogynistic tool that had lots of vicious things to say about an all-female cast. I’m just saying.

So what are the great things about this movie? SO MANY THINGS. They’re hilarious. The actresses have great chemistry. Holtzmann is everyone’s favorite because she’s wacky, but I genuinely liked all of them. Not every joke works, that’s true, but not every joke in the original Ghostbusters worked either. I liked the design of several of the ghosts and the ghost fight was pretty fun toward the end. I will pretty much love any movie that’s about the friendship between women. Abby and Erin’s reunion and devotion to each other by the end is lovely. The fact that these brilliant women are treated terribly and ignored, well that’s something a lot of us women can relate to. So it was a kind of personal movie for me. If I needed to come up with things I didn’t like, I’d say that the villain was kind of boring/weak. They could’ve done better. Any time they did something original or unique, I was delighted, but I didn’t like all the tropes they did trot out. I will say that I prefer this one to the original because of a few reasons. And I do like the original. But it’s a very cynical film. The idea that these four women are smart, competent, truly believe in ghosts and doing the right thing, that’s all stuff I can get behind. The 80s one was perfect for its day because of it’s snarky disenchantment with everything, but that’s just not what I wanted for this. I wanted brilliance and fun and heroes instead of sarcastic indifference. Luckily, I CAN HAVE BOTH. I can enjoy all versions of Ghostbusters. One does not negate the other.


It’s impossible to remove this movie from a conversation about feminism and sexism, that’s why it became such a visceral argument. I don’t think people disliking this movie is sexist though, that’s a bit extreme. I think people disliking this movie because there are women stars is sexist. That seems pretty obvious. If you disliked the movie because you complained it had woman stars, fuck right off. If you’re like eh it just didn’t do it for me, it’s all good. But let those of us who are happy enjoy it, okay? Shut your traps. I do understand to an extent, wanting to tell someone that you think something they love is bad, because I want to scream about Twilight and 50 Shades all the time. But still, if someone enjoys a thing, let them enjoy the damn thing. I grew up loving Star Wars and Star Trek and comics. People shit on those things all the time around me, and it was hurtful and unnecessary. So if someone goes I LOVED THIS MOVIE, remember that time you loved something and someone said it was terrible and dumb and it annoyed you. And don’t be that person, k?

I would love so much if they continued to do them. I will take any movie where four women are best friends and scientists, and they aren’t sexually dressed and are all ages and body types. There’s no sexy poses or objectification here. There’s no male gaze. That is just epic to me. Not to mention all the great representation this brings for little girls who look up to them. The budget was $144 million and the end box office was $228.7 million, and that’s not counting all the incredible money they made off merchandise. But they haven’t talked about doing a sequel because they suck and everyone sucks. Apparently there’s an animated movie and TV show in the works, but that’s hardly what we wanted out of it. This was a risk and it did in fact pay off, but it doesn’t seem likely they’ll take a risk again. So we’ll get hundreds of Fast and Furious films, and not another one of these. I will do anything to see these ladies again on a movie and I’ll keep hoping. But I’m also not going to hold my breath.


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