Dee Discusses: Conviction 1×02

Posted: October 14, 2016 by Dee in Conviction, Dee, General Media, Recaps
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There are two things I particularly like about this show so far. Well, outside of a lot of things. One is that right away they gave me what I wanted: a case where the criminals weren’t 100% innocent. It’s a little more complicated here, but I did want it that not every single mishandled case turns out to be false. The other thing I like is that the will they/won’t they is tolerable in this show. Because it’s not like they just met and slowly learn to like each other and resist the chemistry for awhile. Wallace and Hayes already know they want each other and have a history of some kind. Their reasons for not hooking up currently are reasonable. So I’m okay with that. Also can we have more of her brother in everything? He’s delightful. Previously on Conviction, we met Hayes, the party girl lawyer who is the daughter of a former President. She was arrested for cocaine use and basically blackmailed into taking the head of Conviction Integrity Unit job by DA Wallace and her mother.

It takes a brilliant charismatic person like Hayley Atwell to pull off this character. Although we’ve seen a lot of asshole characters be very popular when they’re men, it’s just bad girls are lesser celebrated in media. Hayes shows some interesting moments here in particular. One is that she wants to mess with Wallace so she purposely targets his old cases to prove he messed up. Two is that she apparently pretends to sleep/be indifferent toward the cases when she’s paying very close attention actually. Three is that despite everything she says, she obviously wants validation and to do something with meaning. She’ll just resist it at all costs. Anyway, this week’s case is that three young men were arrested years ago for raping and assaulting a woman in a park. There were a lot of kids there, and they were called the Prospect 3. They figure out that a lot of things do not add up in the case. Hayes at first just wants it to mess with Wallace, and he sends her mother in to spy to see what case she’s taking. He checkmates her by voluntarily going on camera to say that it was his idea, and that he wants to make sure his own cases are well done to be transparent. What a politician he is!


I really like all of Hayes’ people too, we’re getting more little bits and pieces about them. The end of the case is that not all three of the boys are guilty; two of them are in fact innocent! One of them was super guilty. There’s also a very real thing where the victim did have sex before the incident, and she didn’t say it because she knew the press would rip her to shreds. But since it’s relevant to the case, they have to reveal it, and the woman in question did in fact get ripped and torn apart as a whore and liar. Hayes tries to stop it but there’s no stopping that kind of unfair ugliness. Alas. We see the two boys (men now, but they were teenagers when they went in to jail) released and looking kind of terrified about it. Going out into the world is tough! The very creepy third one is kept in; the scene where he tries to grab the Mardi Gras beads from Hayes because they belonged to the victim, that’s unnerving. Well done!

We find out that Tess was the witness in her aunt’s murder case, and that it was overturned by DNA evidence so she was wrong. Or was she? I feel like we’re circling back to that eventually. Maxine lets her know where the man in question now works. Sam avoids telling on Hayes despite knowing it’ll probably nab him the job. But maybe? Wallace seems unlikely to give him the job if he betrays them. Frankie doesn’t have much going on quite yet, but maybe soon. Wallace tries to seduce Hayes, but she’s like naw you’re in bed with my mother, not with me. Fair point. They do have some smoking chemistry, I have to say. I like that they’re not just flirting and new to each other. There’s definitely some history because he has zero trouble walking right up to her like he’s about to kiss her. I want to know!

So overall a solid second episode. I enjoy all the characters and I am not annoyed yet at the procedural element. I made it through a few seasons of Bones before that annoyed me, so I’m sure I can get through this.


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