There are spoilers in this review. And a lot of feelings.

It is insane how many emotions Supergirl provokes in me. I can’t even pinpoint exactly why. Maybe it’s the little girl in me. Probably a lot of it. I always loved Supergirl when I was younger. Maybe it’s the woman in me now who wishes desperately this existed when I was that age. Maybe it’s because the show has so much heart and strength and feminism, and I feel like we need so much of it. And it finally shows the Superfamily as they’re supposed to be, full of light and love and kindness. I am someone who prefers darkness usually, but I am all smiles when this show is on. No regrets. I was terrified when I thought it was going to get canceled, but now it’s on the CW. I can live with that. And now they introduced the darling Clark Kent (THE REAL CLARK KENT NOT THAT DEPRESSING HACK IN THE SNYDER FILMS). There’s so much potential. My heart, everyone, my heart. I watched this live. I think there’s a lot of really relevant things to talk about in this. Oh yeah preciously on Supergirl, Kara became Supergirl, she works with the DEO to help deal with alien or dangerous people, the head of the DEO is J’onn J’onzz. Her sister Alex is a part of it. She and Jimmy decided to date in the finale last year. They saw a pod from Krypton crash. Cat Grant is a goddess who should be bowed to. That’s about it.

I’m going to just address the weirdest part of this episode. Jimmy and Kara break up before they even start to date. It was really out of left field. The writers said they felt they were forcing it, and that they were writing it because they thought they needed to. I like this in theory, but I’m not so sure it really works in practice. Either way, it was a really abrupt change and felt super jarring here. They should’ve at least given it an episode or two and then ended it gracefully. Whatever. So Clark shows up in this episode and him and Kara are perfect and adorable and everything you want. Look at that cute face below. They save a crew of astronauts and start investigating Lex Luthor’s sister Lena. In this world, Lex is already in jail. Clark is suspicious of Lena, and honestly, I still am. It would be lovely if it turns out she’s not fully evil, but I’m skeptical. She’s the target of some violent attacks, supposedly by Lex, because she’s taking over his company and trying to rebrand. Kara and Clark team up to save her life and fight Metallo … well he’s not Metallo yet. He’ll be Metallo next week. Which means we get another episode of this sweetie pie.


Clark also has some tension with J’onn. They didn’t make it clear that he knows J’onn is a Martian, but a lot of people do now so I’d guess so. Apparently J’onn was there when they discovered Kryptonite. Clark wanted it destroyed, J’onn kept it instead just in case. Clark won’t trust him because of it. Sorry Clark, I’m on his side. I’ve read too many comics when you were taken over by telepathy. That happened to Kara recently! You can’t trust that the two of you are always going to be safe and in control. Oh also Winn is officially working for the DEO instead of Cat Co, which I think works.

Meanwhile in the story I love the most, Kara is in a transition period. Cat gave her the ability to choose her job, and now she has to think about that. In brainstorming everything, that’s when she decides to break up with Jimmy. Kara has to learn how to embrace both sides of herself and step forward into her future. Unfortunately this also hints that Cat will be leaving soon. See Calista’s too big to be on the CW, that’s just the truth, but she did agree she would come back for a few episodes here and there. But they need a reason for why Cat’s not around every episode. I really can’t deal with the loss of her. Cat Grant is so integral to this show, she is so integral to Kara’s story as her mentor and biggest cheerleader. Even if she pretends otherwise. That’s exactly who she is. She is a very strong character and I am going to miss the hell out of her. I’m going to quote her entirely below and have zero regrets about it, because what she said in this episode is a genuine lesson for everyone to keep in mind.


“Dive. You are standing on the shore, afraid to dive into new waters. And you’re afraid because you don’t want to say goodbye. Now you are standing there, looking out at your options. The icy blue water, the fast flowing river, or the choppy blue sea. And they all look very appealing to you because you’re dying to go for a swim. But you know the water is going to be cold and the journey is going to be hard. And when you reach the other side you will have become a new person, and you are scared to meet that new version of yourself. Now, we all get used to our own personas and used to our own comfort zones. But trust me, in order to live we must keep daring. Keep diving.” This quote really touched something in me. I think we’ve all been at crossroads in our life, or that we’re facing a challenge that is terrifying. And exciting. But also you feel frozen in your spot because what if it goes wrong. But this is an important thing, to take risks, to reach for what you want. It’s very powerful in this episode. I think it gives us a glimpse of where this season is going to take us too. Who is Kara going to become?

This show makes me so happy. So happy. It is full of puppy dogs and heart and I love every freaking second of it. No shame. Kara’s journey is a familiar one, outside of the superhero elements honestly, and they’re doing such a solid job. And frankly even if the Jimmy thing did come off as weird here, they have good plans for him going ahead, and I wouldn’t mind the idea of a couple that didn’t work out and stayed friends. We actually don’t see that very often! I hope if they are broken up, it will be for good, if that’s how the writers felt about the couple. No more will they won’t they, okay? Yuck. Anyway. I am so happy it’s back. I am so happy it exists. 🙂 can’t wait for this season!


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