Dee Discusses: Timeless 1×01

Posted: October 10, 2016 by Dee in Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t so sure I would like this show. It wasn’t originally on my list of things to watch this season, but after seeing a few previews I went ‘eh, I’ll give it a go.’ I am a big fan of science fiction and time travel. And it turned out … to be cute! I enjoyed myself. I was engaged with the episode and the characters, although Matt Lanter really needs to stop being so boring right up. Because the others are far more charming than him, and the brooding soldier boy has been done to death. I don’t know that I’ll like it so much I’ll go past four episodes, so I haven’t added this to my permanent review docket yet. Instead I’m only going to start with this one. My general knowledge of this was that a bad guy steals a time machine and the main cast goes back in time to try and stop him. It turned out to do things I didn’t expect, so let’s just get into it.

The main character is a history professor Lucy. She is recruited by Homeland Security because a former NSA agent Garcia Flynn has stolen a time machine and might be planning on doing devious acts with it. He has gone back to 1937 during the Hindenburg. Just FYI, I am also a big history nerd so I was going to end up being drawn in, I just knew it. She is put on a team with a brooding soldier boy Wyatt, who I think we’re supposed to find charming, and an awesome scientist named Rufus. Rufus is black, and he doesn’t want to go because he points out right off the bat that history will not be kind to him. He’s completely correct, I’m glad they don’t shy away from that. Still, the three of them go and get involved. Wyatt pretty much immediately fucks up by trying to save a pretty reporter at the disaster who reminds him of his dead wife. I find myself yawning through his stuff. More of the other two please.


The cool thing is this, the bad guy saves the Hindenberg … only to want to bomb it later when big names are on board, rather than the innocents that died the first time. So they have to survive the time period and try to keep everyone alive. This is one detail I very much enjoy: there are consequences! Legit! They go back to their time, and history has now changed. The way the story happened is how the history books have always believed it happened. The entire world has changed, so it’s not even really theirs anymore, if you think about it. This becomes more obvious when Lucy comes home to find her formerly comatose mother alive and well, and her SISTER NEVER EXISTED. I gasped. I figured there would be some changes, but as someone very close to her sister, this hit me in the gut. Imagine knowing your sibling existed and technically something you did in the past stopped her from existing. That would be awful.

I expected them to save the day and everything would be fine, and while they saved the day for now, they also changed history and the world they lived in, not necessarily for the better. That’s pretty cool! They set up some generic rules for time travel that I’m sure they’re going to ignore. One thing though is that Flynn tells Lucy he has read her journals, of which she has not started at all, and they seem to know each other. I’m sure there’s going to be twists coming on that. In the future she writes journals that he’s using, and there’s probably a personal connection, he apparently killed his wife and daughter. So what if there’s more to that? I’m sure there is.

I found myself going ‘hmmm OKAY. I’m in.’ I liked her, I LOVE Rufus (more of Rufus please), and I’m indifferent to Wyatt. Yes, he’s pretty, but he’s also dull and kind of trope-filled at the moment. Sooooo we’ll see how that goes. Otherwise, I am glad I tried this one out. I’ll give it a few episodes. It seems like it’ll be fun and not too serious, and I don’t mind having one or two of those in my docket.


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