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Posted: October 10, 2016 by Dee in Conviction, Recaps, Television
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CONVICTION – “Bridge & Tunnel Vision” – Hayes confronts Wallace head-on, investigating the case that made his career ten years ago: the Prospect 3. Three young white men confessed to the rape and robbery of a young black woman. Hayes hopes to catch Wallace off-guard with the team’s investigation, but the complex case serves up a major surprise. When the young woman’s character takes a hit in the press during the investigation, she is victimized for a second time, which Hayes takes personally, on “Conviction,” MONDAY, OCTOBER 10 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/John Medland) SHAWN ASHMORE, MERRIN DUNGEY, HAYLEY ATWELL, EMILY KINNEY, MANNY MONTANA

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I bet you’re surprised to hear this, but I LOVE HAYLEY ATWELL. Does this mean I will watch anything she’s in? Yes. Yes that is exactly what I mean. I will watch anything. It just so happens that I actually liked this premiere! So Conviction does appear to be like any kind of criminal justice procedural ensemble cast show going on right now, a Scandal-ish type thing, but it’s all popular for a reason. And this better be popular because Hayley should be on my screen at all times. The basic premise is that Hayley plays Hayes, the daughter of the former President of the United States. She’s a party girl who is also very smart who is also very stupid when it comes to making life decisions. She’s given the chance to work for the DA, a handsome man just screaming will-they won’t-they in their on screen chemistry. Conner seems to have some past with her, and he wants her to lead the Conviction Integrity Unit. CIU.

This does come out to be a deal of a kind made between Conner and Hayes’ mother, who is running for office and doesn’t want any scandals from her children. He won’t charge her for possession of drugs, and her mother even threatens her with a worse charge of attempt to then sell. She wants Hayes to straighten her shit out. We get some little glimmers of why Hayes is particularly difficult, although I’m sure we will have more in there later on. We haven’t met her father after all, I feel like that’s a piece that will click in to her attitude. She does have a sweet brother who I hope we see more of. Her team consists of Sam Spencer, Maxine Bohen, Tess Larson, and Frankie Cruz. Sam is Conner’s golden boy who is annoyed that he got passed over for this promotion. Maxine is a former cop and investigator who doesn’t like Hayes or her family.  Frankie is the forensic guy who has an ex-con past. Tess is a young paralegal who has a past with case that was overturned. So they all have some rich backstories.


The main point of this premiere is to get Hayes to accept her new position. Her team looks into the conviction of a man who everyone was certain was guilty. They have five days to decide if it was a wrongful conviction or justified. They figure out quickly that the case was mishandled. They even run into a cop who burns evidence that may have showed he bungled the case. Maxine has some interesting stuff in here as she believes in the cops, and she dislikes Hayes, but she comes to accept that there’s more than initial judgments going on. Sam apparently seems to temporarily stop wanting to throw a coup against her. Because she gets results and they all come around to believe their client never got a fair trial against him.

It turns out that he is in fact innocent, but I am really hopeful in the future they will be handling cases where the client is guilty. I like that about How To Get Away With Murder, sometimes the clients are innocent, but they’re also guilty. I would hate for this to be an every week no our client is a saint! Maybe they didn’t do one crime but they did another, or there’s more complexity to the case. Either way, Hayes starts out abrasive and difficult, and not getting along with the team. She tries to get Conner to fire him, but he’s determined. And she’s told she can do better, she can reach her potential. It looks like she’s interested in doing that for herself too now. This was a good intro. I like all the actors. I’m interested in the characters. I’m in. But let’s be honest, I’d watch a horrible show for Hayley. I’m just glad this turned out to be entertaining!


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