Dee Discusses: Arrow 5×01

Posted: October 8, 2016 by Dee in Arrow, Comics, DC, Recaps, Television
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Arrow — “Legacy” — Image AR501c_0034b — Pictured (L-R): Chad Coleman as Tobias Church and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

It was no secret that Arrow season 4 was spotty. It’d been commented on a few times by reviewers, and season 3 also was spotty. I think the problem is that Arrow was so strong seasons 1 and 2, and it felt like they had less of a good idea of where they were going afterward. I find this premiere interesting in a few ways, enough that going forward seems less like “hmmmm IDK.” Previously on Arrow, Laurel died (yay ladies being fridged you know how I love that), the team disbanded leaving Felicity and Oliver alone, Oliver killed Darhk even though he’d been trying to be on the up and up, and Oliver became Mayor. The flashbacks were utterly pointless and I’m starting to resent them.

I am cautiously intrigued by the flashbacks with the Russian mob. The Bratva and Anatoly Knyazev could be interesting enough to have clips of it here and there. I’m not sure it’s necessary, but eh, we’ll see. So the thing about Oliver is that he’s both regressing and progressing in this premiere. First we know the regressions: he’s ignoring his position as Mayor and not actually fulfilling his promise to make the city better on that front. It was a key point of his growth, and he’s squandering it. Typical Oliver. He’s also in super huge denial that the team is broken up and keeps waiting for them to come back. Felicity and Curtis are working on picking a new group of vigilantes to help Oliver, and he’s like NOPE NOPE NOPE I CAN’T HEAR YOU. He’s also gone back to killing people, so there’s that. The new bad guy is Tobias Church, who seems like a pretty typical crime boss at this point. He wants to take over the city and just do whatever he wants. But seriously guys, why are people coming to this city anymore? It’s not a safe space for civilians, vigilantes, or criminals.


So anyway Tobias crashes the ceremony revealing Laurel/Black Canary’s statue. Quentin has dropped off the wagon and Oliver encouraged him to go, and he seems to have a change of heart. However Oliver is taken prisoner, and Thea is forced to put on the suit again to go to help him. I really liked the convo with Quentin and Thea, and their acknowledgement that what might be emotionally best for them, staying the hell out of this, is maybe not what’s right in a general way. But Thea backs off again after she sees Oliver murder, feeling like it’s a slippery slope. Oliver’s reasoning is understandable: he feels if he killed Darhk sooner when he had the chance, Laurel would be alive and it would’ve been better for everyone. I can’t even disagree with that. I’m the wrong audience for NEVER KILL. I’m like yeah. Sometimes you gotta kill, sorry.

Oliver agrees to a team of police/soldiers that Quentin puts together as a task force, and they do manage to save the remaining hostages and knock Tobias down a few pegs. He responds by bringing gang leaders together to combine, but the mistake is that he wants to be the big boss. A team of vigilantes under Oliver will still be partners, with him as final say, but Tobias is typical bad guy in that he wants to terrorize them into obeying. Oliver does agree to new people, and Curtis asks to be recruited/trained himself. MR. TERRIFIC IS COMING! Ollie talks to Diggle who assures him this is the right choice, and that he’s not coming back. So it’s time for a new Team Arrow. And perhaps that means Ollie will actually act like a Mayor.

Things I’m looking forward to: Oliver maybe being a real Mayor, as just mentioned. Oliver training new vigilantes, we apparently have three coming: Wild Dog, Vigilante, and a new Black Canary. Maybe the Russian flashbacks won’t be boring. Overall Oliver has been more willing to change in recent years than season one. I will be interested to see how he and Felicity continue to get back in their routine while no longer being together. I am an Olicity shipper, but it did get kind of over the top last season, and also I like seeing them attempting to make a normal work relationship. I actually feel optimistic about this season. It definitely made me happier than the Flash premiere.

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