Dee Discusses: The Flash 3×01

Posted: October 7, 2016 by Dee in Comics, DC, Dee, General Media
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There are spoilers in this review. That isn’t my text message, it was on Tumblr.
But it’s accurate.

So Barry did some stupid shit at the end of last season. It was infuriating. I know they wanted to do Flashpoint, and I don’t blame them, but considering where Barry was at, it didn’t really make sense. If he did it right after his father died, definitely it would have worked, but it was like facepalm. Still, how many times is Barry going to have to learn this lesson? AGAIN AND AGAIN. This is not the first time he went back to save her and learned it was the wrong thing to do. It’s really frustrating. Also there were so many questions I had. More on this later. Previously on The Flash, Barry went back to save his mother. He changed the entire timeline by doing so.

So … I think this is supposed to be three months … later? But my question is … wait what. What happened to the Barry from that timeline? The little Barry. Did he have to relive his entire life again? I mean I guess he jumped with Eobard from there into the future, but how did he live his entire life with that in mind???? I hate time travel when it’s this ridiculous and no answers are given. In this timeline, Eobard never set off the explosion that created metahumans. The Flash is Wally West who had an electrocution accident driving cars. Joe is a drunk who can’t deal with life, although we’re never told exactly why. Iris and Barry didn’t grow up together but he still charms her over. I am indifferent to that ship, but I get it has to exist, so I’m like kanye shrug about it. Eobard warns Barry, as he’s caught in a cage right now, that there will be consequences. Also Cisco is super famous and wealthy, and also kind of a dick. Caitlin never became a scientist … but why???? What did Barry have to do with her picking that as her career? She never met the others. Barry starts having black outs and pain, and he doesn’t know why. He also lives at home with his parents (still weird in normal timeline too) and the Weather Wizard dude is the Rival, Flash’s enemy in this one.


The Flash — “Flashpoint” — Image: FLA301a_0065b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Michelle Harrison as Nora Allen, John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

So Eobard explains that the more Barry uses his powers here, he’ll start forgetting things about the true timeline. If he continues on, he’ll lose his speed, and also all his memories as this becomes the primary timeline. When Wally is stabbed by the Rival and in a coma, he decides screwing all this up is too big a price. Well duh, man. DUH. Why do we have to keep explaining this to you. Barry can be such an idiot. With Iris’ help he says goodbye to his parents. His happiness led to unhappiness for others. Eobard taunts him by making him say ‘kill my mother.’ He goes back, stops his … other self … from stopping him … jesus this is not explained well. Eobard kills his mother. And they go back into the original current time, but Eobard’s apparently free????? Wait how. Did none of the other stuff to him happen? Is he out of the timeline? He seemed to just walk away. I am so confused. sldfjslkdfjskldfj What.

Anyway Barry’s dad is still dead but Eobard warned him there are still consequences to his actions. He learns the first one when it turns out Joe and Iris no longer speak. Okay that’s interesting. The thing is, Barry, there’s no way to perfectly fix the future/past when you keep messing with it. Every time you’ve done it, something has changed, no matter how small. So Flashpoint is technically still going because whatever happened with Iris has changed. I’d love this to be a good story arc for her, because I feel like she’s always relegated to Barry’s love interest and that’s about it. There were too many questions in this episode, and I didn’t like it, frankly. I don’t need them to write me a list of whys, but if you don’t know how to explain it concisely, you probably shouldn’t be doing advanced time travel stories. Either way, I was already mad at Barry for doing it, and this episode didn’t change my opinion on it at all. I haven’t seen Arrow yet so I’m not sure if anywhere else is effected by it. Well keep screwing up, Barry. This is going to go so well for you. Also wait if Eobard is still around, did that mean … what happened with Wells? Aghhhh I guess we’ll find out where he’s at. This wasn’t a satisfying episode for me. I hope that will change, because this show is fun. Also they gave an indication that Doctor Alchemy will be the new bad guy this season. Could Tom Felton be that character? We’ll see.


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