Dee Discusses: How To Get Away With Murder 3×02

Posted: October 7, 2016 by Dee in Dee, General Media, HTGAWM, Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

“There are worse things than murder,” Bonnie says in this. It makes me want to hug Bonnie, because she’s right, but also because she’s my favorite and I’m concerned she’s gonna die. I mean she plays a role in this, but without Frank to play off of, what is her presence there for now? It’d make sense to kill her and then replace her with Laurel or someone Annalise grooms to take her place. But Bonnie! My baby. Still, that seems to be the theme of this season, or this part of it. There are worse things. I think they’re preparing us for just that thing. Anyway previously on HTGAWM, Annalise is trying to be a better person now. Her class was taken away because she’s making the school look bad, sort of. She’s been doing pro bono things instead. All the kids unraveled a little and are trying to get their shit together. Connor and Oliver broke up, which was so sad. And in a flashforward, Annalise comes to her house burning down and a body that makes her sob hysterically. Someone is dead, and every week they’ll us who isn’t dead.

I was delighted by who was shown alive here, partly because I know people were concerned, and also because I expected one of the original group to come first. Just FYI I’m going to say up front it is Oliver. She hands him a phone to wipe as she gets arrested. Seriously they keep arresting her, one of these days she’s going to lose. She won’t tell him about the body. In the show, Oliver’s getting used to working for Annalise, and dealing with his break up with Connor. They still somewhat live together, and when Connor says they broke up, all his friends assume he cheated. I can see why, first season it would have made sense, but he’s been pretty dedicated. Connor is given the chance to do the case of the week, and I am kind of liking the students taking over projects this time. It’s a woman who murdered her husband after years of domestic abuse, which she didn’t mention in court so she has been in jail. He wants to help her get parole and gets very emotional about it. He tries to get back with Oliver, who says he’s sticking by the break up. So Connor leaves and moves in with Michaela for now. He finds out about Asher and her sleeping together, but he doesn’t really care.


The case is an interesting one too! The acting was superb, and it’s an example of how there are worse things than murder. Like years of rape and abuse from a horrible person to the point of committing murder. Meanwhile Annalise is dealing with the fact the school attempts to suspend her. She’s sharp as her nails and points out she’s been the victim and she’ll make drama out of this if they push her. Seriously though Annalise, just move to New York and forget all this and live with Eve happily ever after. But yeah, honestly I’m not sure why she’s staying. That school and house and everything has nothing but bad memories at this point. I mean, outside of the fact they need the TV show to continue with her there, lol. Also she tries to convince Wes to move in with her. Because she’s lonely? Protection? She likes to keep him close? I don’t know, but their relationship is always a weird one and since he’s my least favorite character, I’m like ehhhhhh.

Frank killed the man that Annalise sent after him, he calls her emotional about it and gets rid of the body. She’s still freaked out about that, and gets Bonnie to check in with Laurel. They talk about Frank, and try to trap him by having Laurel beg him to come back. Is it weird that in a complicated way I want Frank to come back and be part of the group again? I know he’s done messed up things, but he’s such a dynamic character, I already miss him when he’s not around. WHERE IS EVE? I want her to show up but I’m also terrified she’s the one who dies. Don’t fridge a lesbian, pleeeeease, rise above. This show is definitely as intense as it ever was.

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