There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Remember when I said I was back-reviewing movies? Here we go for another one. Zootopia is already out on DVD and I own it. I also have the Nick and Judy Funko pops Jachelle got me for my birthday. Needless to say, I’m a very big fan of this movie. This continues Disney’s interest in providing good entertainment for kids and for adults, mixed with fantastic animation. Plus it’s basically a buddy cop film with a lot of heart and great jokes. That takes on a VERY SERIOUS set of issues I did not expect. So without further ado I’ll talk about the plot and then commentary. This movie is adorable. Please go see it.

Zootopia is set in a world where predators and prey have all evolved and no longer are killing each other. Judy Hopps is a bunny with big dreams, she wants to be a police officer. The thing is, no other rabbits ever have been, because usually the bigger and more aggressive types are on the force. Still through determination and drive she jumps to the top of her class. She’s assigned to the city of Zootopia. It has several different locations to allow its citizens to feel comfortable in their habitat. That includes an ice section, rainforest section, desert, main cosmopolitan, and even little parts like a rodent town. This is a fantastic world and I want to see so much more within it. Judy is disappointed when right away she’s relegated to meter maid, and her superior Chief Bogo is disdainful of her being in the group. She tries to be optimistic, but fails. She meets a fox named Nick who she immediately suspects and feels guilty about, because she judges him based on his species. This will come back later. However, in this case he is in fact a hustler who cons her into paying for a giant popsicle and uses it to make money off of later. After chasing down a thief and making trouble, Bogo tells her she’s done, but he allows her a short time to try and make sense of a mystery of disappearances. All of former predatory-like creatures. She teams up with Nick since he’s street smart and she needs help.


About 3/4s into the movie she solves the mystery, so you have this moment of ‘wait how much time is left?’ And then the real point of the movie comes up. See Judy wasn’t aware of her prejudices toward predators, but when on the news, she indicates that predators are more prone to going savage because of how they were born. Nick is horrified by this, having almost filled out a police form, and leaves. Judy realizes what’s happened when she sees people all over the city start acting suspicious of predators, and some real injustices going on separating people. This is not even a subtle nod to the racial tensions of what’s going on right now. I don’t mind that it’s not subtle. It’s a great lesson to be teaching to kids. It might seem obvious to adults, but there are always reasons to have teachable moments. In the end Judy and Nick make up and save the day and learn something new.

This movie is fantastic. As I just mentioned, it’s touching on some very serious issues while masking it under an animated animal story. Racism, sexism, prejudice, these are big issues, but they manage to be pretty clear about it here. Judy Hopps is AMAZING. They originally planned on Nick being the lead and I’m so glad they had her be the protagonist instead. She’s tough and optimistic and bright and a great role model for girls and boys alike. Their buddy cop back and forth is both hilarious and touching. I haven’t mentioned how funny this movie is, but it’s very funny. I still laugh at some lines, and the creative use of animals in the film. There are some things that leave me with questions, like what do predators eat, where are the fish and birds, how did everyone evolve to get along like this. I want this in a sequel some day. But overall, Zootopia is flat out brilliant. The animation is gorgeous, the voice acting is spot on, the story is strong and compelling, it’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you tear up, and it provides some great role models for kids to look up to. Both Judy and Nick are great characters and their friendship is a beautiful thing. Seriously this is a fantastic film and I am impressed with how Disney went with a daring cop mystery rather than its typical fairy tale style. This is urban and fun and mimics real life. Thumbs up, Disney. No wonder this earned over a billion dollars!

Also by the way it has one of the most addicting pop songs about it ever.

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