There are spoilers in this review, duh.

So I almost decided to skip Suits recaps altogether since I’m so behind. But I hate leaving things hanging, and the new season has started, sooooo oh well. I’ll just make these quick. I had to look up reminders on what was happening at this point. So previously on Suits, Mike was finally arrested for being a fraud. I think one of the frustrating things for me, which I’ve said before, is that I like Mike but they’re absolutely right. He’s broken the law all this time. Painting the DA as a hardass out to get them isn’t going to change the fact that Mike is a fraud and they’ve all been covering it up. It’s hard to watch the show knowing they are at fault here. It doesn’t mean I don’t love these characters, because I do, but come on.  In another show, the DA would be the hero trying to bring down a corrupt law firm. Anyway, they’re still trying to figure out who told on Mike.

They think it’s that Harvard professor that they blackmailed into saying nothing, but nope, it’s Sheila. She figured it out after someone wanted to do a piece on Mike, and she put it all together. She sent an anonymous tip. Louis goes to try to convince her to stop, losing her respect, but she’s standing by her principles. While she agrees to leave it at the anonymous tip, it sounds like she will indeed be going public by the end of the episode. See this is a case where I’m also like … good for Sheila? Think about it. What would you do in this case? Maybe you’d be understanding, but Sheila’s always treasured her job at Harvard and the symbol of what it is. I do think the show doesn’t paint her as a bad guy at least. She truly believes what she’s doing. It doesn’t help the rest of the group. Mike considers giving in, but it becomes pretty clear that the DA is not even technically after him. She wants Harvey and Jessica, who obviously are much bigger fish to fry.


Meanwhile Anita Gibbs, the attorney going against them, decides to go after Donna to see if she’ll flip on them. She uses Donna’s shady father to do it. We see flashbacks of how he lost their home and yeah, clearly a shady guy, although not a bad one necessarily. He went to Harvey later in her life to ask for help with an investment, and Harvey saw right through it. He paid him off just to protect Donna. While it’s hard for her to be in this position, she’s still firmly in team Harvey, so much so that she gets angry when Rachel admits she did consider asking Mike to turn on people to get out of it. She just realized it probably wouldn’t help overall. They manage to convince the DA to back off Donna by giving up on their attempt to withhold  some evidence. Jeff is back thanks to Jessica so he can advise them, and recommends looking at the paper trail and covering it up. He also tells Mike that he and Jessica broke up because she was protecting him/the firm, and it makes him warm up to her, realizing that she isn’t the cold shark she seems. Well, most of the time.

I do love the family. After all these years I like that they’re all fighting together and they care. Even if they’re technically doing the wrong thing It is hard for me to root for someone who did the wrong thing, and people trying to bring them to justice are not the bad guys. Remember Mike realized he was wrong and planned on quitting to avoid just this, but obviously no one wants him to go to jail over it. It’s a complicated place to be as a viewer, but it’s still one hell of a ride to watch. I wish Rachel wasn’t basically falling apart, which I completely understand, but I feel like she’s stronger than this. Her desperation is totally legitimate though. I’m not sure where this is headed, but I almost want him to go to jail? How else can they get around this?


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