There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

So I’m months behind on my movie reviews but guess what this is my blog and I can write them any time I want. MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But seriously I’m going to be catching up on movies now that TV season is temporarily quiet. Deadpool was a movie no one thought would actually be done, and no one thought was going to live up to fan expectations. It’s a delight and a shock that it managed to do both brilliantly. For once the people who own the franchise clearly said we’ll back off and let people who love the character rock this. And that’s what they did. The Deadpool footage that was “leaked” was in this film and just as fun as I expected. This movie is a hard R. There’s sex and nudity and so much swearing and violence. And it is AMAZING. I’ll get into more later. But things everyone should know about Deadpool: He’s aware he’s in a comic book (and in a movie), he is genre savvy, he’s a little crazy, and despite being a cold killer, he’s endearingly funny and cute. Go figure.

Wade Wilson is a mercenary who kills people or brutalizes/scares them for a living. I know that sounds bad, but he’s just so funny you kind of forget it. He meets the beautiful and charming escort Vanessa, and he pays her to go on a date with him. They fall in love and there’s a montage of how their relationship is adorable. Their dark experiences in childhood that led them to this point in their lives is played off as a joke, mostly because these are two people who have learned to laugh to survive what happened. However, Wade finds out he has terminal cancer and has no chance of success. He is approached by a man in black who says they can cure his cancer and are turning him into a “superhero” of some kind. Wade is desperate so agrees, but instead he’s tortured endlessly by a man named Ajax (truly named Francis). Ajax says no one keeps their sense of humor when broken by the company (it’s Weapon X btw). The torture Wade goes through breaks his mind a little, but he escapes and realizes his healing factor has kicked in. He has super healing and can survive anything, but it’s left him horribly scarred. He’s too afraid Vanessa will reject him for his new looks, so he goes on a path of revenge instead.


The movie cuts back and forth between current time and explaining the backstory. Now Wade is wearing a costume, which he creates and has to redo regularly (where did he learn to sew? He’s full of surprises). He calls himself Deadpool and has a single-minded desire to find Ajax and murder him. He does finally track the man down and kill all of his companions, but he’s stopped by Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the X-Men. Colossus wants to take him in to meet the professor. “McAvoy or Stewart?” Deadpool snarks. This is what he does. He breaks the fourth wall, he stares at the camera, he talks to the audience, and he gives the taxi cab driver he befriends advice on how to kidnap his girlfriend and kill his romantic rival. BUT HE IS VERY CHARMING ABOUT IT? Seriously there’s no way to truly explain the brilliance of Deadpool being kind of evil but kind of brilliant about it. Anyway once his friend Weasel is threatened and Vanessa is kidnapped, it’s up to him (with help from the two X-Men he has, because the studio can’t afford other X-Men, lol) to rescue her. And finally kill the dude. Vanessa assures him she just wants to be with him and doesn’t care about his looks, and all seems well.

In the tagger, Deadpool tells everyone to go home, and hints that Cable will be in the sequel. This is exciting because Cable was his constant companion for their own comic series, and if it’s true, this will be fascinating to watch them try to explain Cable and his background.


The summary seems simple, and at heart, the story is simple. But it’s brilliant in that simplicity. I love how it came out on Valentine’s day weekend and legit was a pretty good love story! Vanessa and Wade are cute and complement one another well, and you want their relationship to succeed. Wade’s very relatable in the sense he’s funny and an underdog of sorts, but he’s sensitive and loving too. This movie sky rocketed at the box office and blew everyone away. It’s because the execution is flawless. They loved the character and did right by him, so the comic fans were delighted. Newcomers found his irreverent sense of humor, violence, and fourth wall breaking surprising, new, and entertaining. The actors have great chemistry and hilarious lines, and from beginning to end it’s a very fun ride. I can’t do this movie justice explaining all the great funny moments, so you just have to watch it. I didn’t mention that Blind Al is in this, and I hope she comes back. She’s an old woman who lives with Wade, and in the comics they had a long term weird relationship, considering he kidnapped her when he was lonely. There’s a lot of untapped potential there.

I have no criticisms of the movie. People say that the story is simple and the bad guy is ehhhh, but I liked Ajax. It was a pretty decent revenge story. It started right off on the best foot by in the credits joking about the lead tropes, rather than the actor names. This movie is quotable, rewatchable, and if they stay true to what they started here, the sequel will be well worth it. I have trust in the people running this franchise, and since it was a lucrative event, the studio will let them have at it. They brought passion to this film and you see it with every moment. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Go watch this movie. Buy it on DVD/Blu-Ray. You will not be disappointed.


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