There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Okay but I really have to know now what The Flash finale means in regard to Arrow. Because … does it negate all of this? Apparently The Flash is going to come back before the other shows, so I wonder if it’s going to fix the problem before the other shows even get started. That would be the wisest choices from my point of view, because it’d make no sense for the Flash not to change Arrow, as we’ve firmly established they are in the same universe. This was an okay finale. I liked some things about it, other things I was eh about, kind of like the rest of the season. I still like Arrow, it’s just not a must-watch for me anymore. I don’t watch it live anymore. I get around to it eventually. It took me forever to write about it. I’m not quitting or anything, I just feel like it’s suffering from a little fatigue. Anyway, previously on Arrow, Darhk’s wife died and he’s out of fucks to give. The nukes have been stopped but he’s still extremely powerful and furious. And going after Felicity now. Thea was trapped in the pleasantville bunker area, and then brainwashed to fight Ollie, and her boyfriend died. So it’s been hard for her. Diggle killed his brother. Oliver apparently can only fight Darhk with light, but he doesn’t think he has it in him. Laurel’s dead.

Darhk is powered by the death of thousands and he’s angry. He wants to kill Felicity, who basically screwed up all his nuke plans, and Oliver and Diggle arrive to try and stop him. But Oliver’s “light” isn’t enough at the moment to go up against him. They manage to survive only because Thea appears and threatened Darhk’s alive daughter. He agrees to take her and walk out, although I’d argue he still could’ve just killed them once he got her back. Oh well. He takes her laptop and she manages to track it, coming across her ex Cooper who is controlling missiles sent to destroy a bunch of things. For a time, the team kind of looks like they’re giving up. Lance tries to run with Donna, Sara Diggle is sent away, and everyone feels like this is the end of them. But naturally we knew this isn’t Game of Thrones and the whole cast isn’t going to die. There is a lack of tension with that in mind, right? Darhk takes the fight to the Arrow crew and sends his Ghosts to destroy their base. I’m surprised he didn’t do this sooner!


Oliver is pretty down until Curtis explains that he and his husband stayed because of Green Arrow and his inspiration. He begins to think that he can still bring hope to his city. Oliver jumps up and calms down a crowd, as himself and not as a vigilante, and they responded well to that. It’s not surprising to find that by the end of the episode they vote him in as Mayor. So even if his campaign was suspended, it still looks like we’re getting Mayor Oliver Queen! Nice. I actually look forward to that. Felicity manages to get to Cooper so he lets go of the missiles, even if it leads to his death by Darhk. Oliver takes on Darhk himself, and things are looking grim as the ghosts outnumber the group. But in a classic “City Power” scene, the Star City occupants say to hell with that and support the team. They take on the ghosts too, which is hilarious since you know they’d all get cut down immediately. But the power of their hope and faith in him gives Oliver the edge he needs to fight Darhk and win. And that means killing Darhk, which I’m glad about. Sorry, there are some people who can’t be let to go, and it’s not like Darhk had the iffy nature of Slade. BYE DARHK I will not actually miss you.

Oliver comes to grips with the idea that only by embracing the dark and light in him will he be able to handle the city. GOOD. I’ve been saying that forever! There’s no way that he can be all light all the time; his past is his past and it’s a part of him. He had the hope of the city, but to fight for Star City means being a little dark. However, his team is wrecked. Diggle goes back to the army (????), maybe to cope with Andy’s death. Thea needs to take a break because she almost killed a little girl and wanted to. That girl has had a really long year, I’m just saying. Only Oliver and Felicity are left, and thankfully she’s not going anywhere, even if their engagement is off. She’s always been made for this life, even more than him. Now he’s Mayor and it’s back to the roots for the team. It felt right for everyone to split off, honestly. It’s been a rough two seasons for them, and it’ll be an interesting way to start next season.

Although I still can’t figure out how this is going to work with The Flash. I assume The Flash is going to resolve the Flashpoint stuff before Arrow comes back, because there’s no other reason that the show would go on as normal otherwise. While this season had its ups and downs, I still am very fond of it and I think overall they did okay. I just wish they had shorter seasons. I feel like the push for these long padded seasons doesn’t work as well as maybe 15 episodes would. But that’s a problem I have with most full season shows. I think Arrow would benefit from having a shorter season, but c’est la vie. I don’t think Darhk was particularly interesting, despite great acting. I hope that the conclusion Oliver came to about being that middle place of light and dark will continue. Because I think that’s the best path for him and the moral ambiguity of his situation is far more interesting than always trying to be The Perfect Hero. I look forward to next season! But I’m also glad to be taking a break.

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