Dee Discusses: Game of Thrones 6×09

Posted: June 21, 2016 by Dee in Dee, Game of Thrones, General Media, Recaps, Television


There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There are not enough words to explain the awesome that was this episode. It will rank as one of my favorite episodes of Game of Thrones. I did think it was going to be 100% the battle, but I was delighted by what they gave us of Dany being her usual BAMF-y self. This was probably where they put all the budget. So there are only two seasons of the show left and they say there will be less episodes. I think it’s because they plan on making them bigger and more expensive episodes, more dragons and white walkers for example, so they’re going to make shorter seasons. It’d make sense, because they’ll start having full seasons as action packed as this so they need to save their money. The behind the scenes on this episode is fantastic, I highly recommend watching. Previously on Game of Thrones, Dany got back to Meereen (after stealing herself a Dothraki army) only to find that the slavers are attacking to take back their property. Jon, Sansa, the Wildlings, and company were marching to Winterfell to take it back from the Boltons, but their forces were half his army. Also Ramsay has Rickon. Sansa mysteriously wrote a message asking for help from a certain someone (we all knew who it was c’mon now).

Let’s start with Dany! She’s full of vengeance and wants to kill everyone and burn all the slaver cities too, and Tyrion is like alright let’s take deep breaths together. While he was very wrong about the slavers, he is pretty right that killing EVERYONE isn’t the answer to these things. Dany agrees to just have dragons burn down a few things and scare off the slaver troops. All three of her dragons are out! Yay! They also captured some of the slaver ships. They let one of the masters live so he can tell everyone else to back the hell off or the Boogie-Dany is going to come get them. She also met Yara and Theon Greyjoy who got there in record time bringing their fleet. She immediately is enamored by Yara, who is also a badass lady ruler, and they strike a deal. She’ll help them reclaim Yara’s title and let them be an independent state, and they’ll help Dany with their ships conquer Westeros. I do like that Theon made it clear yet again he supported his sister, and that they all bonded over having terrible parents. Yara and Dany were flirting up a storm, I swear it’s not just my shipper goggles at play. I’ve said for awhile I can see Dany supporting other female leaders and making like a badass lady brigade. So with the ships and her new army, Dany should be finally ready to sail over. Please and thank you.



Now to the Battle of the Bastards. Jon thinks he can deal with Ramsay but obviously he is not prepared. Sansa warns him that he’s evil and plays games, and will try to get Jon to react emotionally and make mistakes. Naturally Jon does that anyway because he’s not cold as ice. He’s a Stark. Ramsay messes with him by having Rickon freed, and then he let the brothers get within a few feet of each other before killing the boy with an arrow. Another Stark bites the dust. Yes the kid probably should have dodged around but he was desperate. Jon stupidly charges at them all by himself through emotion, and then we’re given one of the coolest and most intense battle scenes on this show. It’s violent and bloody to the point where there is an entire wall of bodies surrounding our good side. Of course we did know that someone’s coming to the rescue, and it’s Littlefinger and his Vale people. I get that it’s irritating Sansa didn’t warn her brother, but she had no way of knowing if Littlefinger was going to actually come through when she pushed him away last time. Besides, he’ll want something from them eventually. He’s a snake. He’s just a savior snake this time.

Ramsay flees once he realizes he’s been out played, and thinks they can siege Winterfell. Wun Wun the giant is like lol nope and stomps right in. He gets killed by Ramsay, RIP Wun Wun, you’re a hero. Jon loses his shit after all of this and just stomps over to Ramsay as he’s shooting arrows at him. He beats him to a bloody pulp, surely about to beat him to death. They say this is their attempt at making it seem like Jon’s almost feral, he’s losing control of himself, partly due to his own death I’m sure. He stops when he sees Sansa, and she’s the one who gets to kill Ramsay, AS IS HER RIGHT. She feeds him to his dogs, who he starved for days hoping to feed his enemies to. AHHH JUSTICE. Sansa’s become the dark horse of this season. I got emotional when the Stark flag was put on Winterfell again. Now what though? Also side note: Davos found the toy he made Shireen and it seems like he’s pieced together what happened to her. And what Stannis did. F’n Stannis. He’ll go after Melisandre next week probably.

So what’s next? The trial for Cersei is next week. I think something major is going to happen, and frankly probably something awful. We had too much happiness in this episode (RIP Rickon and Wun Wun though) since Ramsay’s dead and the Starks have Winterfell. I still think it’s likely Cersei is going to burn that city down. She’s not going to go down quietly, that’s for sure. It looks like Davos is going to confront Melisandre. Usually the show ends on something surprising, and seeing the city burn down would be that. I guess we’ll have to see. Ahhhh it’s too far away! I have to say overall this season has been better than I expected. Go figure. PS DO NOT HAVE SANSA BE PREGNANT. THAT WOULD BE A TERRIBLE STORYLINE AND IT IS UNNECESSARY. PLEASE.


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