There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

It took me awhile to get to these recaps. It’s no secret I’ve been kind of meh on this show. I haven’t stopped wanting to watch it, but it hasn’t been as enjoyable lately. I’m going to move fast through these last recaps and wash my hands of it for now. Hopefully next season could be good, I did like where it ended. Previously on Arrow, they killed Laurel, and Quentin lost his badge after he admitted Darhk blackmailed him on the stand. Darhk has been making a little civilization underground since he plans on destroy the rest of the world with nukes. He’s taken those nukes from Lila, or rather the codes to them, and everyone’s kind of screwed. Thea’s being held in the underground area. Felicity’s father Noah – the Calculator – was sent to jail by her but he’s an exceptional tech mind himself. I think that’s about it.

Just a quick note about Quentin: They said he can get his badge back if he swears he didn’t know about Laurel being Black Canary. He is considering it, but Donna persuades him not to belittle her memory like that. So he stands by his daughter’s memory. Thea is stuck underground and she seems to think everyone else is innocent? That’s a weird immediate response to have to all these people living down there, did you think they were just plucked out randomly from the world? They chose to be down there, honey. Anyway, of course Malcolm is behind this and he thinks destroying the world is the right thing to do because he’s an awful person. Anarky is back and somehow got down there, and he’s sucking away the air supply and has explosives … just because? Because Darhk turned on him kind of before? Or he’s just weird like that. He and Thea face off against each other again and she stops his plan. I think he feels like she might be his nemesis at this point. He’s not really that interesting of a bad guy so I’m not even sure why he’s still around. A time waster?


The real storyline is that Felicity wants to get her dad to help them stop the nukes. Darhk sends Brick and other bad guys to kill Noah, thinking the same thing, that he’s smart enough to hack into the codes. Team Arrow get him out and Felicity’s not very interested in reconciliation with him (although probably secretly is). The two of them put their heads together to save the day, and they do manage to somewhat do that. Except one of them can’t be stopped. Felicity is forced to re-route the bomb to a smaller town where thousands died instead of millions. This is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SITUATION, and I really felt for her when she had that moment of anguish and guilt. She saved millions of lives, but she did pick that town to send it to out of necessity. Those people are now dead, and Darhk has more power because he sucks it from death. So. Things are looking bleak.

It was an okay episode! I liked all the stuff with Team Arrow and I find Noah a cool character, the actor does a great job with him. I get that Darhk is majorly overpowered at this point because we’re supposed to be afraid of him. Each season until now has been more or less about destroying the city, and now they’re upgraded to THE WORLD MUAHAHAHAH. I really wish Malcolm Merlyn was killed by now. I get you love John Barrowman, I love John Barrowman, but the fact he’s still running around doing awful things and never getting beaten down for it is really frustrating. Anyway. Not much else to say about the ep.

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