There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Wow. I am torn between two equally strong reactions to this finale: WHAT THE HELL BARRY and OMG FLASHPOINT. One is the logical reaction, one is the fangirl reaction. So Flashpoint is the storyline from 2011 where Barry goes back to save his mother and screws up the timeline. All of the world and his friends are fundamentally altered by this decision and it becomes worse because of it. It becomes the worse because Flashpoint led to The 52 which is when I stopped reading DC Comics. However this could be a great way for them to easily move Supergirl into the world now, since merging of worlds would have this alternate dimension thing moot. My question though is does Arrow change? Stephen Amell said he wasn’t sure, but it seems impossible that it wouldn’t. Anyway, previously on The Flash, Zoom killed Barry’s father in front of him. That was harsh. Barry had previously gotten in touch with the Speed Force. Iris now digs him. Wally and Jesse don’t have powers even though they kind of should.

So Zoom shows up and Barry’s understandably foaming at the mouth. But Zoom points out he’ll just keep killing people until Barry does what he wants, which is to race and see who is faster. Obviously this is too simple, and Wells figures out that Zoom has the ability to destroy all other Earths by using something from Mercury Labs. He wants this world to be the only, and to rule over it. He doesn’t like the competition. He brings up having met another world’s Flash, aka THE REAL JAY GARRICK. I don’t want to wait for the reveal, so it’s Henry Allen’s doppelganger. For a long time people have been talking about how he resembles Jay and would be the best Jay. My friend Mark was positive he was the one in the mask, and yup, he was. This is funny for me in connection with Legends of Tomorrow, because they mentioned the Justice Society and Jay Garrick is a founding member there. So Zoom wants Barry to race him to get the speed to destroy the other earths. Barry wants to race him and kill him. Everyone’s a little like hmmmm maybe not the healthiest option.


They decide to lock Barry up. Wow! I mean it kind of made me laugh because they were right, once Barry makes his mind up to do something there is nothing that can stop him. They want to find a way without as much risk. They attempt to stop Zoom on their own and do a fairly good job of it. In fact they sort of win, except he yoinks Joe back to Earth-2 with him. So now they need help to get Joe back and Wally lets Barry out. Barry makes a deal in exchange for Joe and races him. He creates a time remnant of himself for the first time, who sacrifices his life to stop Zoom’s plan. Instead of killing Zoom directly himself, Barry lets the time wraiths loose on him. It’s still murder … ish. Ever notice people die on this show and people don’t mention it as much? Keep in mind Ollie didn’t kill Slade, who murdered his mother, but did lock him away. I’m just saying.

So everything seems okay. Barry tells Iris he isn’t ready for their relationship right now. Wells and Jesse prepare to go back to their world, although Jesse does point out to her father that he is much happier on this earth. But obviously he will not be separated from his kid. And then Barry decides that he can’t handle the reality he’s in and goes back in time. He saves his mother. He changes the timestream. Keep in mind this was something the Speed Force didn’t want him to do. And his future self was like NO DUDE the last time he tried. That means Barry never lost his mother and everything afterward has been changed. To what, I’m not sure, but we are going to find out next season. It was a very bad idea on his part, and disappointing, because I thought he came a far way from that kind of mind set. But then again, this is going to be a very interesting storyline, so I’m willing to see what’s up. I still wonder what Arrow is going to do with this. How can they possibly not have Arrow change? They exist in the same world! It’s not like they have a pocket of time in reality. Maybe it will change briefly and then alter back. We will have to wait and find out. This season had some ups and downs, but overall it was a solid second year.


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