There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

So Laurel died on Arrow and it’s hard to tell when these episodes synced up. They didn’t mention until this episode that Laurel was dead, but Barry had to get his powers back by the time of the funeral. So maybe it just happened? That would account for why everyone was so shocked to see her Earth-2 counterpart here. Katie left Arrow and I think she only is doing this for a brief thing, and then leaving? I think? Anyway, previously on The Flash, Barry became one with the Speed Force and now has his powers back stronger than ever. Wally and Jesse were hit with it, but … neither of them seem to have gained any abilities so it seems weird to have included it in the first place. Caitlin was captured by Zoom and he told her she could leave but she’d be his enemy then. He now has an army of metahumans. I think that’s about it.

There’s a few things at play here. First off is everyone’s concern that Barry is too positive and optimistic. It seems like a really weird thing to say. I get they’re concerned because he’s acting like he’s bulletproof now that he’s been with the Speed Force. But it feels a lot like being told he’s being something and not being shown he is. Either way, everyone’s concerned about his attitude. He’s like don’t worry we’ll beat Zoom! And it’s good for him to have that attitude considering the city is covered in violent metahumans now and he has to fight all of them alone. Let the boy have some hope, guys. This is intense. Caitlin returns to the team, shaken up and traumatized. A new metahuman destroying buildings with a sonic cry turns out to be Earth-2 Laurel Lance and evil. She’s about to annihilate Barry when Wally saves him, having wanted to start being a vigilante to help the Flash.


The Flash — “Invincible” — Image: FLA222a_0006b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Carlos Valdes as Reverb and Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The team figure out a way to defeat all the Earth-2 baddies in one swoop, although I believe they said some of the metas in the city were also from this world? Eh, either way. They are going to create a weapon on the frequency that only Earth-2 people react to, which they’d introduced a little over the past few weeks. This weapon is very dangerous and nearly hurts badly both Jesse and Wells, although they’re wearing headsets to help themselves. Yikes. But they send out the pulse and all the Earth-2 baddies are down for the count, except for Zoom (of course) who manages to escape by the skin of his teeth. So that’s a big win. Technically you would think that’s proof that Barry was right to have some optimism that they were capable of winning the day. I’m not sure this is the show I want a lot of pessimism is. This isn’t Arrow! C’mon now. But of course they are trying to make Barry as angsty as Oliver, and that’s achieved by having Zoom murder his father Henry in front of him.


That was hard to watch and there was nothing he could do. I suspected it was coming considering Hunter was all “we’re basically the same person.” Well Hunter’s an orphan with a vengeance so he had to make Barry the same. It’s very sad and it was nice that Henry got to give some beautiful goodbyes to his son, but man. What a hard life Henry (Garrick) Allen ended up having. Barry will be devastated by this and probably turn to revenge. I hope he learns from Oliver though in this instance. Remember Oliver’s mother was murdered by Slade, and he still chose to spare his life and try to be a hero. Crossing fingers Barry can show the same wisdom. Or is it wisdom? I don’t even know. Either way, it’s all coming down to a big fight next episode, we’ll see how it goes. Zoom still wants to destroy all the worlds or conquer worlds or whatever.


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