The Flash — ” The Runaway Dinosaur” — Image: FLA221a_0255b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Michelle Harrison as Nora Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Apparently Kevin Smith directed this! Props to him being able to seamlessly fit in to this show, because I didn’t notice anything particularly Kevin Smith about it. And it was a solid emotional journey. He is a big comics fan though and he loves this show, he tweets about it regularly. So I’m not surprised he managed to soar his way through it. It’s not an easy episode either because there’s no real action. Just character development and conversing about the Speed Force. Previously on The Flash, Barry gave up his speed for Wally, but Wells convinced him to do the experiment again that gave him powers. Before doing so Iris told him  that she maybe wanted to be together. Barry’s father was back and didn’t want him to do it, but Zoom has taken over the city and something needed to be done. When struck by the bolt, Barry disappeared into nothingness, and Wally and Jesse were hit by it. I am disappointed to find out that so far neither of them are speedsters though, whyyyyyy.

Luckily they are not forced to think Barry is dead for good for too long. It is a reasonable amount of time, to panic and such, but they put it together that he’s not gone. He’s stuck in the Speed Force. Jesse is in a coma, although Wally’s fine. Joe thought he might be a speedster, but nah, doesn’t seem to be. Also that Frankenstein like dude from season one, Girder, comes back as a B-level storyline. It’s very unnecessary honestly, it’s like they didn’t trust the rest of the story was enough. Eh. So Team Flash deal with that and then try to find a way to get Barry back. They do this by having Iris be vibed with Cisco and talk Barry into returning, since he said he’d always come back to her. I’ve never been really sold on their romance since I don’t dig the whole “loving someone your whole life” mindset, but it is very sweet and the acting was solid. So alright!

fla221a0109bjpg-6da401_765w 2

Meanwhile Barry is in the Speed Force. Members of the cast show up as representations of the Speed Force, as they explain he was gifted. It wasn’t just an unlucky incident, it seems that he was chosen. The Speed Force is an actual entity of sorts. This has always been a timey wimey kind of thing in the comics, but I like it as a concept. There’s something more than an accident here. They go over Barry’s constant guilt about his mother. I feel sympathy toward his loss, but I am also like … it’s time for us to move on. I think that two seasons surrounding this is maybe getting a little too much. Anyway, there is a genuinely touching scene where she reads his favorite book to him, and it’s sweet and quiet and sad because Barry has to choose to leave. It was well acted, and that scene genuinely hurt to watch. He’s back in time to help the team, and then he wakes Jesse up from her coma with a single touch. Zoom has taken over the city and made an army of meta humans, but with Barry back from the Speed Force with a new sense of understanding, it might be a better match up now.

It was a good episode. They really didn’t need the Girder thing at all. Sometimes you have to trust your audience can make it through an episode without superheroes or special effects. They did well at sitting with it when they needed to. I don’t have much to say about it other than it was bittersweet and I enjoyed watching, and the introduction of the Speed Force as something real, but I can’t say it’s an ep I’ll be seeing again. Still it was like taking a breath of fresh air. And he’s going to need that for his fight against Zoom.


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