There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This was a pretty solid finale. Things ran maybe a little too smoothly, but honestly after so many episodes of them messing up, it felt right they’d finally get their shit together for this. Not to mention the last few minutes of this episode literally had me squeak in delight and clap my hands. So I’ll get to that in a bit. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, the group were brought together by Rip Hunter to defeat Savage and save the world. Also his son and wife, who they have basically failed on that front. They found out that the Time Masters have actually been controlling their actions and nothing they did was helpful. Leonard sacrificed his life to stop the Oculus, and now it’s up to them to defeat Savage and save Kendra and Carter. Also in the Arrow universe, Laurel Lance was killed and her sister has no idea, so prepare for the feels.

Rip has basically given up and decides to bring the team back to their time and drop them there. It’s five months later, and at first it’s not clear why, until Sara finds out her sister is dead. He’s not going to force them to fight his battles anymore, but the team is like naw man you started this, we’re going to finish it. He agrees, although Sara does threaten his life so he’ll help her save Laurel. It doesn’t work out that way though. Kendra gives them a clue by hiding a note in this WWII helmet that eventually Rip gets somehow. They head back to WWII and stop Savage, and grab Carter, although Kendra is still captured. They figure out that Savage plans on exploding nuke-level things at three points in time, all that they’ve been to so far, and that will destroy time but also recycle everything back to the BC where he came from. He wants basically a redo, no matter what the cost to the world. So the team has to figure out a way to stop him in all three time periods and stop his alien-esque technology from going off.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow –“Legendary”– Image LGN116a_0096b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave and Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

I will say that I grinned like an idiot when they murder the shit out of him in all three timelines. It was very satisfying. He’s made mortal thanks to the radiation and stuff, IDK, it was complicated. In one timeline, Ray uses his shrinking to take care of the weapon. In another, Firestorm can alter the molecules as a new power to change it. Savage gets killed in each one and I cheered. Kendra gets the final one down in the future, HUZZAH. She really deserved that last one, and I’m so glad it wasn’t her and Carter or Carter. Kendra deserved that, but they’ve always said that she was the only one who could. However that bomb is about to go off regardless, and Rip flies it into the sun. He plans on making a heroic sacrifice and envisions his family waiting for him, but Gideon convinces him not to give up. They jump away and throw it into the sun, surviving the incident. He then offers the team the chance to continue on correcting the time line now that the Time Masters are gone.

They each get to mull it over. Sara sees Laurel’s grave and her father convinces her that being the White Canary is the way to respect her memory. Stein plans on retiring with his wife, but Jefferson and her convince him he’s meant for greater things. Ray and Mick wanted to come back anyway, and Mick gets to say goodbye to Leonard in the past, saying he’s a hero. AWWWWWW. Carter and Kendra say they don’t want to though, and I’m like good riddance if that means Carter is gone, although I’ll miss Kendra. Even if her romance SLs annoyed me this season. Just as they’re about to get back into the ship, another time ship shows up with MIKE ROSS (ahem from Suits but it’s Patrick J. Adams), and he’s REX TYLER. KSDJFLSDJFLSKFJKSDFJ. Um for people who don’t know, that’s Hourman from the Justice Society. And he says Justice Society! I flailed like wild. First of all, I’m glad they’re doing the JSA, although it makes sense considering the movies are doing Justice League. But Rex Tyler! This gets me excited for the future. I feel like we have a potential Crisis on Infinite Earths coming up. He warned them not to get in the ship or they were going to die. What does this mean? No finale made me more excited than this, so props to them.

Legends of Tomorrow surprised me. While not perfect and still finding its legs, I overall enjoyed the characters and their arc. It gave me a few genuine surprises and while I had a few ehhhh moments, I am satisfied where it concluded. I’m on board for next season!


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