DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — “Destiny”– Image LGN115b_0071b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter and Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I have really enjoyed this season of Legends of Tomorrow. I am genuinely looking forward to the next. I liked that this season was shorter than the others. I liked the journey they have gone on. And while there are a few things here I expected, I loved the direction they decided to go on. I was sad about this ending, but it felt good too, that they managed to bring me to a place where I was emotional about this show. I’ve been iffy on the other DC shows this season, and I had low expectations of this one, so it became my low key favorite somehow. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, the group finally had Savage and brought him to the Time Masters, only to get arrested and find out they were supporting Savage. Sara and Leonard are the two currently free still, so it’s up to them to save the others. Kendra and Ray broke up because she found Carter again, only this time brainwashed. Jax was dying so Stein sent him back to their time to save his life. Mick used to work with the Time Masters, but turned against them for his people.

I want to talk about two major things we learn in this. First is that the Time Masters worked with Savage because he’s the only person who can stop the Thanagar army when they come to dominate the Earth. This confuses me just in the sense that I thought they didn’t plan on intervening with the Earth for any reason, even world dominance. However, THANAGAR ARMY. Flail. That’s the alien race tied in with Kendra and Carter, by the way. The other thing is that I really liked the twist about the Oculus here. The group has unknowingly been controlled every step of the show so far. The Oculus is a weapon they have that casually manipulated the cast to do the things they actually wanted. So they more or less have helped Savage this entire time and they’re not given any free will. It’s fate vs. free will, and they have been screwed by it. I thought that was pretty interesting, and what an agonizing position to be in. Especially since our characters are very invested in having their own freedom. Leonard in particular comments on it once they rescued the others and he’s talking to Sara. Because he has always wanted to go his own way, and now he knows he’s been controlled without his knowledge. He also hits on her, and I’m like  yessss because I’ve been low key shipping Captain Canary this whole time. I knew from the moment she rejected his advance that something bad was going to happen to him to cause the kiss in the trailer. Because that’s how these things go.


The team is rescued, thanks in part to them torturing Mick back to himself, and him going hahahaha jk and rejecting the brainwashing. They are also saved by Jax going to Stein in the past and getting help to jump back to the future and save everyone in the nick of time. Huzzah! They were headed to the Oculus to destroy it, but they’re all waiting. So there’s a battle. Ray was supposed to die there, but Mick then tries instead, and then Leonard’s like nooooope because he left his BFF behind once before already. He chooses to die instead, finally getting that kiss he wanted from Sara, and the Oculus is destroyed with a lot of the Time Masters in the process. So they are no longer controlled by it, but Savage did get away with Kendra and Carter. He knows now the Time Masters are rocked, so he is going through with a new plan. Muahahhahah.

Everyone grieves over Leonard, and Ray (who is Mick’s new BFF in training) points out that they can still destroy Savage and save Kendra. So that’s where they’re headed. I actually thought that one of the two ‘villains’ would end up dying for everyone else, because they tried so hard to say they would never be heroes. Leonard is the best choice because he’s a fan favorite and we’ve seen him develop over Flash and now Legends. Also Wentworth came into a weird sort of deal with DC where he will now cross over with Flash and sometimes Legends? I’m not sure how that will go, but it was intentional on his part, he didn’t want to star on just Legends forever. It’s sad Captain Canary only had this one chance to show up, but that’s how it goes sometimes when you ship things. I liked the concept of the Oculus, and the group’s decision to destroy it. I liked Jefferson coming to the rescue. I like seeing this group becoming friends on top of comrades now, I believe they actually care about each other after this time together. I’m looking forward to the finale, I’ve been surprised with this show. Except I am still frustrated Carter’s back. Ughhhhh I didn’t want him back. Whatever.


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