There are spoilers in this review. Duh. Also a lot of Brienne x Jaime images. 

Listen I am completely Brienne x Jaime trash so I will have a bunch of gif images of their scene in here and I have literally no guilt about it. Their scenes were everything. I’d like to point out that Nikolaj and the director of this episode both said in interviews that they are in love, and Nikolaj said he believed when Jaime said “It’s yours” he meant his heart. Or at least that’s the way he played it. And I think you can see that. So there. I am shipper trash. I don’t care. Previously on Game of Thrones, Brienne and Jaime are in love. Okay sorry, previously on Game of Thrones, Jaime is in Riverrun trying to defeat the Blackfish, and Brienne came on behalf of Sansa to get Tully support. Also Tyrion decided to make nice with the slavers because he’s an idiot, and Dany’s on her way back with new people for her army. Arya got stabbed nearly to death by the Waif, who is still after her. The Hound is alive and looking for vengeance for his friend. Cersei is going to trial with Loras and Tommen apparently is in the thrall of the High Sparrow.

Okay I will get this out of the way first since I know I’ll go on too long. Brienne and Jaime meet again. Bronn mentions to Pod that he thinks they want to have sex, because he is speaking for the audience. In the tent they’re very proper, but Jaime says he’s proud she found Sansa and kept her word. She tries to give him back the sword by he refuses. He agrees that if she can convince the Blackfish to leave, he’ll let the army go. When she tries to convince the Blackfish of that, he was like naw. Because this is his home and he’s not leaving it. Jaime goes at a different angle by convincing Edmure Tully to give it up, since he’s the true heir, and he’ll get to see his wife and son. Edmure does that, and the Tully army gives in. Blackfish apparently dies off screen? And he lets Brienne go. Jaime and Brienne have one last moment as she leaves where they wave. Of course my deep love of them was hurt by Jaime saying that he would murder Edmure’s baby in order to get Cersei what she wanted. In the books, by the way, Jaime and Cersei are no longer involved or even get along. So it’s frustrating to see this in the show, although I understand to a point why.


Meereen gets attacked by the slavers because they’re like lol no Tyrion to your plan, we’re just taking our slaves back. Luckily Dany shows up and her expression is like ‘wtf have you been doing, dude.’ Arya survives her attack by going to the woman she saved, the actress, and she does patch her up. However the Waif kills her and then chases after Arya in a really intense scene across the city. She’s not very subtle and assassin-y though, is she? She just really hates Arya. We don’t see their actual battle, we see that Arya has cut off her face and put it on the wall. Jaqen seems impressed. Arya says she’s going home, later bitch. I’m glad about this, but I also wonder what the point of her being there at all was if she just ends up doing this. Maybe she needed to get her family pride back? She’s never really given herself to the faith though, and I almost wished she had so we could appreciate her rejecting it like this.

What else. The Hound finds his culprits and kills most of them, but then he runs into the Brothers and they’re already going to hang his prey. They bargain over him getting to hang two of them, and they eat some food together. It’s kind of ridiculous. Meanwhile Cersei is screwed over by her idiot of a child. The Sparrow wants to see her, she goes naw and the Mountain kills a Sparrow, but then Tommen announces trial by combat is no longer allowed. That was how Cersei was going to survive. Well now she’s in real trouble. WTF Tommen. I really hope he and Margaery are in a plan together and he shows some Lannister smarts for once. This was a solid episode, obviously I cared more about some scenes more than others. I wish we’d seen Arya’s fight. Also what’s up with people dying off screen? Blackfish and the actress this time. Next episode we see Jon’s army meeting Ramsay’s army. I believe the entire episode will probably be that battle. Jon asked Melisandre not to bring him back again, but I don’t think he’ll die. I think he’ll kill Ramsay and win the day, probably with Littlefinger swooping in at some point. It’d be nice if Sansa could kill Ramsay instead, but I’ll be fine with Jon. Next episode looks pretty exciting; last year was when Jon fought the Night King zombies. So. Nine is usually when all the shit goes down.



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