There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

R+L = J, R+L = J. It is happening. I don’t care if they were cruel enough to pull out of the memory before we saw it. IT IS HAPPENING. So just to explain: R+L = J is a long fan theory that Jon Snow is actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaeger Targaryen. The war started when Rhaeger kidnapped Lyanna (or so it was said), and Ned found her in a bed of blood saying “promise me, Ned.” Many fans believed that she died in childbirth and she was begging her brother to protect her newborn son, who she knew Robert would murder if he knew it was a Targaryen heir. That would make Jon have royal blood and be a pretty apt person of prophecy, like Melisandre now believes him to be. The flashback Bran has this episode was of the Tower of Joy, when Ned Stark and Meera and Jojen’s father Howland Reed take on the best Kingsguard fighter of all time. I’m getting ahead of myself, but just so you know, R+L=J is so a thing and they’re going to confirm it for us this year. Ahhhh! Previously on Game of Thrones, Jon came back from the dead, Sansa is freed and on her way to the Wall, Theon went back to his family home, his father is now dead, Arya’s getting her ass kicked a lot, Dany’s been yoinked by the Dothraki,  and the High Sparrow has basically taken over King’s Landing.

So I already explained what the flashback Bran sees is. The weird part is that Bran calls out father when Ned’s running up the tower, and he seems to stop and hear his son. That’s disturbing and a sign that Bran might not always just be a casual observer here. Jon has come back to life and everyone’s freaked out. His friends are just delighted to have him back, and some are treating him with the reverence of a god at this point. He decides to execute the traitors who murdered him, including little Olly. None of them are even a little bit sorry, and they all hang. And the internet rejoiced. But Jon’s pretty much done with everything now, and he says his Watch is over and stomps off. Good for you! You can see the cool stomp off in the gif below. I said as soon as he came back he was free of the Night’s Watch, so he could probably go and reclaim the North for his family. As long as he remembered to come back for the zombie invasion, obviously.

jon snow execution oathbreaker game of thrones

Dany meets the other former Khaleesi ladies and they say their opinions/advice is listened to by the Khals. But she is more or less  a prisoner in there, and they can cast her off if they feel like it. Varys and Tyrion are trying to deal with Meereen by finding out the identities of the Son of the Harpies, and realizing they are being funded by the slave masters of the cities they’ve taken. Obviously! Arya is finally back with Jaqen after she didn’t take his offer of a cure, insisting on becoming “no one.” She fights with the Waif some more, and he gives her eyesight back. Looks like she’s coming back from the gutter, go Arya! Ramsay’s getting all the psycho sons in the North on his side, and it looks like the Umbers have Rickon Stark. Welllll fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk. Osha and Rickon were last seen headed that way because the Umbers were loyal to House Stark, and the father was, but now the son has taken over and is like lol who cares. Meanwhile Cersei and Jaime try to talk to the small council and they’re like noooope and move away from them to keep them out. Nice. Tommen and the High Sparrow bond. That cannot be good.

This was a good episode. I am starting to think season six really does have its head on straight. Of course I was infuriated that they cut away from the Tower of Joy so quickly, but it was magnificent to see the fight before that. Mostly Jon’s story was the only real good part of it, everything else is as always about putting chess pieces on the board, but I don’t mind watching them set everything up. We all know that by episode 8 when things really go insane, we’ll be flailing because they spent the first few episodes getting ready for it. I’m so excited to see what’s in store for Jon now. GO TAKE WINTERFELL BACK! YASSSS! Here’s hoping Sansa makes it back by the time he’s still there, it’d be just like the Starks to miss each other though.




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