There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Now this episode was a little more like it! I enjoyed several things about it and loved the little extra changes they are putting in now that they’re past the books. Although a few storylines are only happening now (the Greyjoys) that have been past a bit in the books. Also, I did not think they’d bring Jon back so quickly, but I’m glad they did. If I had to wait a few more episodes for it to happen when we were all aware it was happening, I would’ve been irritated. Kit admitted he had to lie to not only fans and paparazzi, but his own costars! That would’ve been tough. Previously on Game of Thrones, Sansa was saved by Theon and now Brienne. Jon Snow was killed by his brothers, and Davos and his friends are hiding his body. Dany’s back with the Dothraki but they’re going to lock her up with other widows. Tyrion and Varys have taken over Meereen for now, but it’s not that fun. Ramsay’s the worst, if you haven’t forgotten. Bran found this dude attached to a tree that was the Three Eyed Raven, and he can see the future. Jojen was murdered helping him get to the tree and they’re safe for now from the Wights. A lot of other things honestly but let’s just get started.

Hello Bran! Welcome back! You’re kind of my least favorite Stark, but you’re going to give me cool flashbacks to Westeros history, so I can dig that. He gets to see in a flashback his father when he was a little boy, and saw his aunt Lyanna Stark. He also saw that Hodor used to be able to speak and was friendly with his family. What happened???? I guess we’ll find out. The Raven yoinks him out because he can’t lose himself in it, but Bran just wants to use his powers and be reckless about it. Children, eesh. Meanwhile at the castle the evil brothers are going to break in, burn Jon’s body, and probably kill Davos and the others, but the Wildlings to the rescue! Who would’ve seen that coming? Tormund and the others swoop in and take over Castle Black. Davos convinces Melisandre to use her magic to bring Jon back. She thinks she failed and everyone leaves the room, but we see him finally open his eyes and Ghost wakes up. YESSSSSSS. I mean like I said, this is something we fans have all speculated/known about for awhile, but it was still a relief to watch. There are a few cool things about Jon coming back: he’s no longer beholden to the Wall, he died for it, so he can leave now. He’s probably going to be bitter and ready to take on some trouble in the south, maybe? Maybe we’ll see a darker side of him too now that he’s lost a part of his humanity! And it means R+L = J can still be a thing. I’ll talk about that next week since the preview indicates we need to talk about it.


Cersei is not allowed to go to Myrcella’s funeral because the High Sparrow is the f’n worst. And Tommen is too young and weak willed to argue with him. Jaime and Sparrow have a moment of tense conversation where Jaime indicates he would have zero problem murdering a holy man. DO IT DO IT DO IT. I think Jaime before his hand loss probably would have, but I guess I can support new Jaime being more reasonable. Tommen apologizes to his mom and she forgives him, but she looks pretty exhausted tbh. Over in Meereen Tyrion meets Dany’s dragons who are trapped below. He talks to them and they seem to actually understand him. He lets them both out of their chains but then leaves. That was awesome! Tyrion has always loved dragons so this moment made me smile. I love the implication that dragons are hella smart too; we knew they were, but they really showed clear understanding of what was going on here.

Annnnd over to Ramsay doing more Ramsay things. Roose’s new wife gives him a son. Ramsay kills his father. I support this. I mean, it’s going to be a disaster for Ramsay eventually, because his father actually was smart enough not to go over the rails like he is. But hahahaha that’s what you get for creating a monster, Roose. The sad part is he also kills the wife and child, who really had nothing to do with this. Ramsay you’re the worst. I can’t wait for you to die. I am suspecting that Jon will do it, because Brienne says she’s taking Sansa to the Wall. Of course with our luck they’ll miss each other, but Jon’s the right choice to take out Ramsay. Or Sansa herself, I’d love that. Theon says he’s going “home” which means the Iron Islands. We then see Balon Greyjoy being awful in general and awful to his daughter Yara. He then gets killed by his brother Euron, which will lead to the Kingsmoot, the point where the sailors will get to pick their own leader. Yara wants it, obviously, but she’ll have to convince them.

So this was a great episode! Not just for Jon coming back, although I’m delighted it happened so quickly. I feel like the plot was pushed forward well for everyone, there’s some changes happening with Ramsay being in charge, which I suspect will lead to his eventual downfall. He has no one keeping him in check now. Seeing Tyrion talk to the dragons was really fun, and a great use of their CGI budget I think. It was pretty horrifying what Ramsay did to his step-mother and brother, and I feel like they could’ve implied things without needing to show us it. We knew he was going to kill her. It would’ve been fine for him to be like ‘come over here’ and we see her going into the dog area and hear the screams or something. I don’t know, I just feel like at this point we get it, Ramsay’s evil, we don’t necessarily need to continue the torture porn of evil that is his life. It’s interesting they’re doing the Kingsmoot now, which technically happened awhile back in the books, but if Theon is back for it that’s pretty new/exciting. Overall I was pleased with this episode and couldn’t wait for ep three!


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