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There are spoilers in this review, duh.

Seriously people how do you still not give Alex the benefit of the doubt. I know I bring this up every recap but it STILL SURPRISES  ME. Everyone’s so quick to doubt her, to think the worst of her, after everything that happened before. Blah. I get that it makes her the underdog and we want that, but IDK, it’s super frustrating. Plus this episode gives no real answers at all, only leading us to our next dun dun duuuuun moment. There are three episodes left and I’m getting a little weary. Maybe that’s all TV right now, go figure. Previously on Quantico, Alex had to give Simon and Will over to a possibly evil Shelby, and Caleb is a drug addict. Alex grabbed him, but he’s in contact with “someone.” In the past, he was trying to infiltrate the old cult he was in using Will, but he had to beat up Will to sell it. This turned Shelby and Iris against him. Drew and Alex had a fling but he thought the sparkling chemistry between her and Ryan (gag me) was not what he wanted to compete with. Miranda was kicked out. Shelby’s parents aren’t actually dead but kind of evil, which Caleb covered and protected her from.

Flashbacks first as per usual. They are approached by departments of the FBI looking to recruit everyone to their divisions. They get to ask them questions as well. Alex is a special snowflake so she gets the coveted special file, along with Drew. Unfortunately she’s noticed that his hands have been shaking. She decides not to ruin his career over it, but after he almost gets her killed, she turns him in. Seriously though dude. I understand this feels like your life, but you could get a whole lot of people killed, there’s a reason you guys have to be in perfect shape. Shelby confronts Caleb at the cult headquarters, but he’s there to get info on the head honcho that his father can use against them. He can’t tell Shelby that, so instead his father tells Shelby that he was purposely rejoining the cult and her intervention helped him. And that she should come work for him, no doubt setting up the eventual affair. Greeeeeat. Such a creep, that guy. The twins work with a new handler but he’s a racist jerkface and they don’t trust him. Are we supposed to sympathize with him? I wouldn’t work with him either. He gave them zero reason to trust or care for him. They get another handler.


In the current time, Alex is surprised to see Shelby at FBI headquarters. She tells Miranda that Shelby’s parents are alive, which shuts down Shelby’s reprogramming of the computer systems there. They appear to have a tense conversation, but Shelby is secretly tapping her finger in Morse code on the chair. Alex realizes it’s a message that Shelby is not evil after all. They meet up in the stairwell and Shelby is also being manipulated by the Voice, trying to keep Caleb safe. I’m saying it should still be Caleb as the bad guy, he’s a master manipulator, come on. This would be great. Their last lead is to track down Will’s signal and he’s dying. Maybe of radiation poisoning? Because he said he helped them create a nuke and then dies. Also lol Shelby mentions the voice is using all of the main cast’s voice, and I’m like … was this … unknown? I recognized it that first episode.

Natalie’s mother tells Ryan she’s missing and he immediately suspects Alex. They do some crime work and do confirm Alex was the last person who saw Natalie alive. So things are going to come to a head soon. I’m still so irritated that no one believes her. Ryan did point out that Alex freaked out at his apartment not long after Natalie was last seen/alive, so that at least he put together. Would he think that Alex’s freak out was due to her killing Natalie? I don’t think so, dude. I really dislike him, I swear, this show would be better without him. OR IF HE WAS EVIL. I think Quantico has been much better this part of the season, but I’ll admit I’m getting a little sick of it at the same time. WHO DUN IT. Just tell me already. Except if it’s Simon. I don’t want it to be him because his bromance with Alex is everything. I think it’d be a cop out if it was Drew or Iris, one of the newbies to the show. It should be someone from the early days.


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