There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I get that this show requires you to trust no one, because we don’t know who the terrorist is, but man I just wish these kids could be sure someone was on their side. It’s hard at times to like people on this show when you know they could be evil. I like the show in concept, and there are times I genuinely like it, but I’m also not sure if it will have legs past this first season. It could surprise me. Previously on Quantico, Alex lost Simon and Will, and her faith in Shelby all at once. The voice told her to give Simon and Will to Shelby, who was driving a mysterious car, and now she’s panicked over what’s happening. Ryan meanwhile thinks she’s evil and wants to take her down. Or at the least that she’s unstable, which he’s not wrong about, but she has reasons for it. Again you’d think people would give her the benefit of the doubt by now! Also in the flashbacks Shelby’s parents are alive but kind of bad people, and Caleb paid them off. Caleb let Will help him get into his old cult so he could save his BFF. There’s a bunch of new trainees but they seem more like temporary characters than anything else.

Flashbacks first. They’re all required to do in-depth analysis of each other, which naturally leads people to turn on each other. I mean how can these agents trust one another? They’re very cutthroat. I’m just not sure how much this is promoting togetherness. Several people are flagged for closer looks, including Shelby, Drew, Raina, and Iris. Iris is furious because she thinks Caleb is the questionable one, now that she’s caught him doing weird things with Will. She thinks he’s making Will join the cult and calls it in, but Caleb panics that Will’s in real trouble now. He holds his cover with the cult by beating the shit out of Will. Oh woooooow. That’s pretty messed up. Shelby and Iris clearly are ????? about it, so that might be what leads to the break up. Miranda’s angry that she’s officially kicked off, and Caleb’s dad assures her it wasn’t him. She goes after Liam instead and seduces him, but mostly just so she can get him to admit to sleeping with Alex. The Director is like soooo? I mean we know he had an affair with Shelby later, so he clearly isn’t the judgy kind. Miranda’s mad but tells Alex she wants her to shatter the glass ceiling as a woman agent.

Quantico - Episode 1.18 - Soon

QUANTICO – “Soon” – At Quantico, the NATs look into each other’s background to determine who gets high-level security clearance, and in the process Alex, Shelby and Iris learn some surprising truths about Drew, Will and Caleb. Meanwhile, in the future, Alex contacts Claire Haas (guest star Marcia Cross) in order to find her missing friends and is shocked when she discovers what happened to Caleb, on “Quantico,” SUNDAY, APRIL 17 (10:00-11:00 EDT) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Betrand Calmeau) MARCIA CROSS, PRIYANKA CHOPRA

Alex finds out that the car was in the name of Caleb’s false identity when he was trying to get back to the cult. She’s determined to find Caleb, and Nimah and Ryan are investigating her. She asks Raina for help to pretend to be Nimah, and she agrees to for … I’m not sure why. Because she believes her? IDK. They find Caleb only when his mother yoinks Alex off the street and brings her to the house, where her son is addicted to drugs. He admits his father saved him before running back into the building and then he died, and it eats away at him. He leaves with Alex, seemingly out of it, but he calls someone secretly and says that Alex bought it. Dum dum duuuuum. Honestly I’ve always wanted him to be the bad guy, but I think it’s likely he’s talking to Shelby instead. He really is the better option as evil though, isn’t he? And I can’t believe it’s Ryan anymore, even though I want it to be, because otherwise I find him very dull.

It could still be Liam! I still think that is the best option. I hope it’s not one of the new kids. Either way, now Alex has Caleb and kind of has Raina as her allies, but we’ll see how long that lasts. The question is what are they going to do next, what do the terrorists want. Please don’t let Simon be one of them, that’s all I ask for, show. I’m kind of ready for it to be over, and there’s only a few eps left, so. Crossing fingers it has a decent resolution.


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