There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

WHO IS MAN IN THE IRON MASK? I feel like any reveal at this point will end up a disappointment. Some people have been theorizing Barry’s father, but that seems like an odd detail since Barry talked to his mom in Earth-2 and it’s not like she said TOO BAD WE’VE NEVER SEEN YOUR DAD AGAIN. I keep thinking it might be Earth-2 Wally, since he’s been getting more storylines. I’d be okay with that. It’s the only mystery left now that we know who Zoom is. Previously on The Flash, Zoom is Jay/Hunter Zolomon. He took all of Barry’s speed in exchange for Wally’s life, and Caitlin begged him not to kill Barry. So he left him alive and instead yoinked her over to Earth-2. Jesse was like ‘naw’ to her dad when she found out he killed someone for Zoom, and he’s desperately been looking for her. Caitlin’s Earth-2 counterpart is the evil Killer Frost. Iris may think that fate is pointing her to Barry. I don’t think you should be with him because everyone’s telling you to be, Iris. So now Barry has no powers. Let’s see how that goes.

It’s kind of dull? I get that just going back to work as a normal person would do that. He’s anxious about living as a normal person from here on out, but he’s obviously not ever going to be a normal civilian again. I mean, Barry you might as well go train with Oliver! He can make you into a mean lean killing machine, so it’s better than doing nothing. He goes back to work as a normal CSI, which was nice to be reminded he has a real job (what???), but things go awry as they’re prone to do. Wells is like LATER GUYS because now Zoom can come into the world and find Jesse and kill them both, as he promised. He finds Jesse but she’s still mad at him, so she rejects him. He gets attacked by a metahuman with super strength who thinks he’s normal Harrison Wells. The super strength was cool, but he has quick aging and he’s dying. Every time he uses his powers he ages a little more too. Wells has been over being blamed for his counterpart’s nonsense for a season now. To be fair though, Wells, you did the same thing on your earth. Don’t forget this was your fault on both places. Just saying. They manage to wear out the meta by having him face off against a normal Barry, but every time he fights he gets older and weaker. I think he dies? Looks like it. This has inspired Wells though: he’s going to do another particle accelerator machine and give Barry his speed back!


PS we know it works because on Arrow he has it. What’s up with the time jumps, eesh. The shows are not syncing up well this season. Meanwhile in Earth-2, Caitlin meets her evil self who Zoom didn’t kill and kept around. She’s been wondering why, until she realizes that Zoom is in love with Caitlin. Or at least thinks he is. They snark at each other and Caitlin helps get her out of her cell, but she already planned on killing her for revenge against Zoom. Could’ve seen that coming. Zoom tells her not to mess with the man in the iron mask or he’ll kill him too. WHO IS THAT GUY. Gah. Zoom is finally like alright Caitlin let’s go to the other world and I’ll destroy it because I love you. Ooookay. I mean he is crazy, so that kind of makes sense by his definition of logic.

Are we ever going to see Jesse as a female speedster? Just FYI Jesse Quick, Wells’ daughter in this, is a famous and badass female speedster. I really like the girl who is playing her, and I would love to see her become a more active role on the show. I’m not sure where we’re going next season, the finale from last year was a big deal. Zoom’s an intimidating bad guy, but he’s also not as strong as Eobard Thawne was. Well because that was the first father figure gone evil, and this just feels like the same thing. I’ve enjoyed what they did with Earth-2 and Wells a lot this season, but I do feel like right now the episodes are dragging. I liked the season overall, but it feels like it’s time to be over. That’s probably not a good sign. And there’s FOUR MORE EPISODES LEFT. I hope the best is yet to come. I have faith in The Flash people, I’ve enjoyed the show even the filler episodes. So we’ll see.


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