There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This episode definitely upped the ante! There were a few points, and one point that made me scream NOOOOOO in the bad sense, but it was action packed and had the best CG so far. It felt almost like a finale to be honest, but there’s three more episodes. Man I have to wonder what their budget is. It can’t be THAT large. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, they have a clock now because they had to yoink the babies out of the timeline to protect the team. So Rip and others have to fly to the 22nd century to take Savage on directly, right before when he’s going to murder Rip’s wife and son. Also everyone knows that Kendra is the only one who can kill Savage, and she’s been trying to move on with her life with Ray. Even though she still thinks about Carter, which annoys me because I really dislike that guy. A lot. This is going to come up soon.

So they head over to that timeline and have a confrontation with Savage and his people pretty quickly. Kendra recognizes that a girl there had her old bracelet, and it’s the key to killing Savage. When they yoink the woman in question, they find out she’s Savage’s daughter Cassandra. Savage had a few kids in the comics, including Kassandra, but I think she’s supposed to be a blend of Kassandra and Scandal from the comics. The others meet with the rebels and refuges of this time and agree to help them. When Savage comes stomping in to save his daughter, Dr. Stein and Jax are determined to get all the refuges out of harm’s way, although Rip was definitely going to leave them to die. He keeps telling people to stop saving others, and they ignore him, because they’re supposed to be heroes gdi. Rip also revealed that he’s not currently trying to rescue his family directly because every time he’s tried, he’s failed. Time wants to happen, and that makes me think they won’t be saved. Too bad. There’s this awesome fight with this gigantic robot that Savage made called Leviathan, and Ray needs to get bigger in order to do it. We’ve seen him go small a bunch, but this is the first time he’s grown instead into a giant. There’s another Marvel superhero who can do just that, so I thought it was amusing this came out right before Civil War did.


For some reason, Snart manages to talk Cassandra into turning on her father. That happened RIDICULOUSLY FAST. I know on this show they need to get things done, but jeez, that was so silly. It’d make more sense if they introduced her before this, so there was a few episodes of her turning on her father. She spoke with Snart a few times and saw some video and suddenly she’s a traitor. Oooookay lol whatever. She’s a terrible actress too so this is just kind of dull. They realize that the way to defeat Savage is to melt the bracelet and coat Carter’s mace with it. Kendra can use that to kill the shit out of Savage. We’ve seen her grow as a fighter and hero over the season, and it was great to see her here just wailing on him. In the comics she’s much more of an open warrior with a temper and a lot of bravery. I don’t blame them for having her be more sensitive and relatable since they have Sara to be the warlike badass. But it was nice to see her kick some butt.

Unfortunately she doesn’t kill him because he has the newest version of Carter brainwashed. WHO CARES. KILL HIM AND THEN WORK ON THE BRAINWASHING LATER. WTF KENDRA. Rip is there reminding her that letting him live could lead to millions of deaths, including his family. And she’s like oh well, sorry, Carter comes first. Gross. It was no secret I was delighted that Carter died and I didn’t want to see him again, so this immediately made me annoyed. I really hope he dies again, I don’t want him to become a main character again. I especially don’t want to go through an obnoxious love triangle with Ray, Kendra, and him. Like it was already obnoxious he was getting in the way when he was dead. This irritates me. I know some people are arguing she’s not supposed to kill in cold blood, they’re heroes and that has been said a lot this season, but it was in the middle of a fight. KILL HIM OMG. I’m still annoyed by this. Rip said they were taking Savage and Carter onto the ship to try and figure out what to do. I guess removing Savage from the timeline could help for now. I hope there’s some drama to come from the rest of the team that Kendra put Carter’s life above everyone else. I want some consequences. Also I want him to go away again. Grrrrr arrrrrghhhhhh. Just crossing fingers it goes away. If this was a finale she might’ve killed him, but we still have three eps.


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