Last Refuge

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — “Last Refuge”– Image LGN112b_0469b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Mitchell Kummen as Young Rory and Faye Kingslee as The Pilgrim — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Okay I need to have a geek moment, excuse me. The young Rip Hunter is introduced here as Michael, and I actually flailed for a moment. Why? Because in the current comics, Rip Hunter is the future son of Michael Carter aka Booster Gold. It would be delightful to see Booster Gold in this series, although obviously it’s unknown how Michael/Rip got to the orphanage. If you don’t know Booster Gold, I highly recommend looking him up, he’s a delightful character and would be a great guest star in this show, since time travel is also his thing. Okay geek moment over. Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Mick is back with the team, having ben Chronos. They defeated the Hunters VERY EASILY in the wild west. Like how anti-climatic was that? They figure out that someone named the Pilgrim has been tasked to kill all of them, and that can be anywhere in time. Uhhhh also Kendra was told by her past self that she can only love Carter. This is my problem, she says any relationship other than Carter ends in disaster, but your relationship with Carter also ends in disaster a lot! You both get murdered, remember? Anyway she and Ray are kind of engaged now? Meh.

There were some great moments in this episode. I love the concept of them having to run around trying to save their past selves. They start out with getting teen Mick and teen Sara out of danger, and those two hilariously end up bickering and not getting along. Mick’s quite fond of current Sara, and he also has a touching moment with his past self about guilt regarding accidentally killing their family with fire. Nice. The Pilgrim attempts to kill Ray and they get there in time, but then they can’t track her anymore so Rip is like NOPE and goes to grab all of them as babies. It’s risky, but it’s the only real move. This gives Jax the ability to see his father for the first time, since he was a soldier and died with his son never meeting him. I’m glad he got a story this episode, he’s been lacking as much development as the others. They stash the kids with Rip’s adopted mother who protects a bunch of young orphans, where they’ll eventually become Time Masters. But she’s not going to turn her Rip over to them.


The Pilgrim is annoyed by being thwarted so she steals all their loved ones instead to draw them out. Including Jax’s father, and Quentin Lance. I wish Pilgrim got a little more story or any sense of who she is and her job for the Time Masters. How do they even get so many badasses working for them? I’m curious. Anyway she also has this cool time stopping fight ability. Rip agrees to give his younger self over if she lets the others go, and she accepts. They do attack all at once and she freezes them all, but it’s hard for her to focus on such a big task. While she’s doing that, Rip’s little self just goes right up and stabs her. Nice. He’s a smart but lethal brat! It saves the day. They all get some last moments with their family members, but their memories will be erased in some cases. Keep in mind this happened around the time Laurel Lance died in Arrow, so it’s sad to see the Lances together. Jax warns his father, but “time wants to happen” so there’s probably no point.

Rip says there’s no time to waste now, so they have to go directly to Savage where he’s strongest. They know where he’ll be when he kills Rip’s wife and child, so that’s where they’re headed. Dum dum duuuuum. I am going to assume that Rip won’t be able to save his family. Why would he still travel with the others if he gets them back? Answer: He won’t. And since he’s still a main character here, we’ll probably have to accept that some things are set in stone. Fixed points of time. I really hope we’re done with Savage after this season, he’s not really the type of villain I want them fighting forever. This was a fun episode though, it was clever to have it be different from the usual formula. The Pilgrim was a fun villain, if only for a short time. At least she seemed more threatening than the last ones they’ve dealt with. There’s four more episodes left this season, and I’m curious to see where it’s headed.


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